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Name: Equicon
Dates: April
Focus: Science Fiction, Star Trek, films
Founding Date:
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front cover of the 1987 program book, Bjo Trimble and Mark Whitefield
map of the con printed in the program book
from the program book, info about the fan film
from the program book, info about the dealers room

See Selected bits from the Equicon '87 Science Fiction and Fantasy Masquerade.

The Equicon in 1987 was chaired by Bjo and John Trimble. The program book doesn't list any other volunteers.

Introduction from the Program Book

This prompts the ages-old committee query: "WHY DO WE DO THIS, ANYWAY?" There has never, in all of history, been a satisfactory answer to that question. It was first asked by a committee member when Moses held a small convention on the shores of the Red Sea. Some attendees complained that they didn't like seaside resorts for conventions, others complained that the special effects looked fake ...

During the nerve-wracking, back-breaking last-minute work that always needs doing, someone said of a committee : "IF MEN IN WHITE COATS CAME FOR US, THERE'S NOT A THING WE COULD SAY IN OUR DEFENSE!" We don't always 1ike it, but we thrive on the challenge of putting on a convention with some semblance of panache & verve (& even, with luck, looking as if we'd planned it to happen the way it did!) We do it for the satisfaction of hearing a fan tell us it's his very first con & he's had a WONDERFUL time!

We go through this hassle for a special meshing of creative minds that occurs when a great working committee makes the event come together beautifully! Look around for committee badges to give them a smile. They've given you a convention.

Program Book

The program book art credits: Johnny Chambers (from the Star Trek Concordance), Gregg Davidson, Darren Goodhart, Michael Goodwin, William Rostler, Sherlock, Tom Scherman and friend, Bjo Trimble, Alan White, Mel White, Mark Whitfield, and Frank Zubek.

The front cover was by Bjo Trimble and Mark Whitefield.

The program book was 40 pages long. It contained ads, bios, short descriptions of the films shown, photos, programming, a map, and an article about Japanimation.

It did not include the member names of the con com.

Some Tidbits from the Program Book

Earthrise TV Network: Just announced: an all-science fiction, science fact, horror & fantasy cable TV channel! EARTHRISE will cablecast uncut movies to mini-series. But it needs your support to succeed. If interested in this idea, pick up a flyer at the "freebie" table or write to: EARTHRISE, 2719 Delia Dr., Dayton, OH 45408.

Please feel free to take photos to your heart’s content but follow the basic VIDEO DOUMENTATION rules…… Don’t flash in guest’s faces. Help make EQ more fun for all by observing basic common sense & courtesy…. Equicon will be video recording the convention. You’re also welcome to do so, too. Be courteous & follow the rules. 1.) All video operators MUST register w/VIDEO DOCUMENTATION. Ask for T. Benoun or G. Dennis. 2.) Masquerade or Fashion Show: no extra lights, getting in front of audience, directions to stage or participants. Video has still photo rights in PHOTO AREA. 3.) GUESTS & WORKSHOPS NOT TO BE VIDEO-RECORDED EXCEPT BY EQUICON. 4.) So we can edit & preserve the best of EQ 87, please let us buy a copy of your tape. Thank you.

HIGH CONVENTION FEES-GREED OR NECESSITY? Only 10% of a con register well ahead of time: about 50% join close to con-date, and 15% to 25% join at the door. So con-committees must work with money that isn't there, trying to guess how many fans may (or may not) attend. Some con-coms do crazy things for working capital: get bank loans or mortgage their homes. Others panic and cancel their conventions when pre-registration isn't high enough -then fans wonder what happened. High prices & extra charges for workshops, parties, at-the-door fees, help pay back loans and/or build a budget for the next con. If ail fans joined EO 88 atEQ 87, there would be enough cash to make detailed plans, rent films & have a healthy Working Budget without worrying if money will be there when it's needed.

Panels, Workshops, and Presentations

  • a presentation by Harlan Ellison
  • Terry Erdmann presented a promotion of Spaceballs
  • Swashbuckling on Display, stage fighting demonstration
  • Warren James gave a talk about space development and “discussed just about anything that came to his mind,” included a slide show
  • Star Trek: The Beginning: “a slightly irreverent slid history of Star Trek by Bjo Trimble who [was] joined by Richard Arnold to discuss early Trek.” Arnold also had some “’Making of…’ films plus the Paramount 20th Anniversary Party for ST & a promo reel on ST:TNG.” Included a Q&A.
  • BIX Computer BBS: “Communicate by computer BBS (computer bulletin board). Joanne Dow demonstrates McGraw-Hill’s own BBS, BIX (Byte Info exchange). Topics include cats, science fiction writers, food, handicapped, computers & Jerry Pournelle’s own conference! Join a “Lounge” & gossip with fans all over the country!”
  • Special Effects Techniques: presented by Ed Kline, Ben Comacho, and David Joiner. “Experts in several types of special effects costumes, appliances, mechanical props, etc…. to give an example of the expertise to be found on this panel… Special FX Costumes, Props, Weapons, Armatures, Leatherwork, Lasers, Makeup Appliances, SFX Props for Star Trek II, Ice Pirates, The Powers of Mathew Star, Murder She Wrote. Mechanical armatures for the upcoming film Beetlejuice. R&D foreman of Advanced Robotics Corp. Alien biological & other illustrations.”
  • Futuristic Fashion Show: “With the aid of designers & constructors of early EO fashions, Jay Smith has put together another retrospective of the Futuristic Fashion Show. The difference between this event & the masquerade: the former is controlled by one person to keep the quality consistent & thematic, while a masquerade has no main control on either quality or theme. There is room for both types of costumery in a con, we feel. Hence another retrospective of find costumes!
  • Alvy Moore: An actor/comedian, producer, writer & mentor to young film-makers. He produced Harlan Ellison's post-atomic war story, "A BOY & HIS DOG" when others thought it "too hot to handle." His many years as a professional in the movies & TV give him the experience & perspective to speak on any phase of the industry with authority.
  • Desktop Publishing: A Hands-On Experience -- "Use a computer to publish your fanzine! Lisa Wahl & her incredible computer, Jamie Macintosh, will show how to create, edit, spelling-check manuscripts, alter fonts & formats, layout artwork & headers, without touching a sheet of paper! Learn desktop publishing, no matter what type of computer you buy. As time permits, everyone will get a chance to try their hand."
  • An Hour with David Gerrold: "This author, teacher, & staff member of the new ST TV series will talk about his writing, Star Trek, fandom, & just about anything that comes to mind; you will always have an entertaining time with one of the best raconteurs at conventions!"
  • Vacu-forming Demonstration. New ideas, new machinery & our terrific experts to explain how to fabricate props & other items with vacu-form techinques. For those who wish to make an object, there will be a small materials fee."
  • Masters of the Universe Film Preview by Terry Erdmann
  • Star Trek: The Early Years. “A day of Trek starts with a look at ST’s past: the TV episodes & characters who began a 20-year love affair with fans. Guests include Grace Lee Whitney the original “Yeoman Janice Rand” & others who are at press time a surprise to even us!”
  • Star Trek: The Movies. “With 4 films out & a fifth one being written even as you read this, Equicon presents Paul Kent who played “Cdr. Beach” in ST II & Carl Stevens the youngest “Spock” in ST II along with other guests to discuss Trek movies.”
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation. “The latest excitement: Star Trek in the 25th Century with an all-new cast & updated Star Fleet. Guests from the production staff will tell as much as they can about the upcoming TV series with special guest Bob Justman who has a message for Star Trek fans.”
  • Masquerade: “This costume contest is open to any paid member of EQ ’87, any age. All entries MUST be registered ahead of time… Sorry, but “Hall costumes” have their own contest & are not allowed in the Masquerade.”
  • Nostalgia Radio & TV Panel with Nina Bara, Dik Darley, William Zimmerman, Andrew Probert, Kathryn Leigh Scott, Rich Sternbach.
  • Special Screening of the film “The Gate”
  • The Art of Animation Scriptwriting: Craig Miller, Chris Weber, Karen Wilson Weber, and Mark Nelson
  • Japanimation Panel: "Many interested people can never find out what is really going on in Japanese animation fandom, so this hour will focus on the activities of fan organizations & the current state of Japanese Animation both In the U.S. & in Japan. There is more to Japanese Animation than just Robotech & Star Blazers, as some notable fan experts will discuss. David Riddick of Books Nippon, Bob Napton of AAJA and Yvette Nunn of the Macross Fan Club will speak. This is your chance to enter the fantastic world of Japanese Animation!"
  • Star Trix: The Flick: (fan film) “A hilarious claymation satire of ST:TMP with the U.5.S. Fulton's Folly II (don't ask what happened to #1) & lumpy Trekkish characters of Adml. Klurk, Mr. Specks, Lt. Ineedya, Mr. Scotch, Dr. Magillacuddy plus that ST:TWP pair: Cmdr. Alluring is Capt. Heckler. After STAR TRIX: THE FLICK you'll never watch ST:TMP with a straight face again! Written & produced by ART BINNINGER, press operator, amateur film-maker & TREK fan."
  • Voiceover Demo by Noelle North
  • Presentation on Robo Cop by Paul Sammons
  • Upcoming Summer Releases, presentation by Terry Erdmann
  • Other guest presentations by Catherine Hicks, Paul Kent, Syn Mead, Arnold Leibovit, Bob Gurr, William Campbell
  • Music Videos: “MARY [VAN DEUSEN] isn't famous in Hwd, but she's getting known to fans with a sense of humor. Turned onto Trek by an unwary husband, she interprets her favorite shows in a unique fashion; hilarious & unforgettable music video creations of STAR TREK & BLAKE'S SEVEN. Look for special announcements during this weekend. Many thanks to Mary for sharing her talents with us."
  • Makeup Panel & Demo by Fred Phillips, John Buechler, Mike Le Vitre, and Mike Dizacomo

1987: Video Footage