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Name: Dysfuncentine
Date(s): 2011 – 2014
Moderator(s): sassy_cat
Founder: featherxquill
Type: fanfiction, fanart, fanvids
Fandom: Harry Potter
Associated Community: dysfuncentine @LJ; archive link
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Dysfuncentine was an annual Harry Potter prompt-based fest for fanfiction, fanart & vids founded in 2011 by featherxquill. It focuses on dysfunctional relationships including het, slash, femslash, threesomes, moresomes, asexual relationships and anything in between.[1] The tagline is A Harry Potter Dysfunctional Relationships Ficathon. It starts posting on 14 February, intentionally coinciding with Valentine's Day. From the profile:

Welcome to dysfuncentine - putting the 'fun' in 'dysfunctional'! You can call this an anti-Valentines Day party, if you will - a Harry Potter ficathon celebrating dysfunctional relationships, just in time for the dreaded 'romantic holiday'.
So... Hatesex! Characters screaming at each other! Someone seducing someone else, and then being thoroughly unsatisfied with the result! Resentment! Jealously! Boredom![1]

Kelly Chambliss describes the fest:

The fabulous anti-Valentine's fest, dysfuncentine, has been posting for a little over a week now, and I have to say, it's right up there with hoggywartyxmas and hp_beholder in having an incredibly high percentage of the posted fics be absolute winners, some of the best I've read since. . .well, since hoggywartyxmas. The range of pairings has been large and interesting, with everything from Minerva/Amelia to H/D and plenty of femmeslash for all.[2]


Featherxquill founded the fest in 2011, and continued to moderate it until 2013; sassy_cat took over for the 2014 round.[3]

Guidelines and Timetable

Prompting occurs in early January. Prompts may optionally include the requested pairing or character. Prompt claiming occurs in early to mid January. Prompts are only assigned once, on a first-come-first-served basis; self-claims are permitted. Non-participants are encouraged to leave prompts.[4]

All lengths and ratings of work are permitted. Warnings (or notice of choosing not to warn) are required for potentially triggery subjects.[5] Posting commences on 14 February. Works are initially posted anonymously and are exclusive until reveals, which occur early in March.


A total of 23 works were posted; all were fanfiction or poetry. They featured 38 major characters with only a single repeated pairing (Snape/McGonagall).

Participants included albalark, alley_skywalker, cranky__crocus, featherxquill, incapability87, kellychambliss, lash_larue, ldymusyc, megacurious, ncp, rebecca_selene, redcandle17, scarletladyy, shyath, snegurochka_lee, themirrorofsin, therealsnape, thinkxpink, vane_nt and xxx_angelin_xxx.


A total of 30 works were posted, including one piece of fanart with the remainder being fanfiction. There were no repeated pairings among those works featuring a single pairing.

Participants included alley_skywalker, ashiiblack, cabepfir, cerberusia, coffee_n_cocoa, cranky__crocus, crazyparakiss, dexstarr, entrenous88, featherxquill, florahart, icicle33, igrockspock, jean_doe_27, kellychambliss, kerplankia, lash_larue, lyras, natt, queen_bellatrix, scarletladyy, squibstress, themirrorofsin, therealsnape, twisted_twister, wintervixen86 and xylodemon.


A total of 26 works were posted, including one piece of fanart with the remainder being fanfiction.

Participants included alley_skywalker, aliciadances, anassa_anemou, bluemermaid, cabepfir, dexstarr, downjune, feuerfunke, flyingharmony, gamma_x_orionis, gehayi, gryffindorj, hamimifk, incapability87, pavlablack, pretend_mulling, redcandle17, sabethea, sapphoatsunset, squibstress, themessrs, thusspakekate, vlorahp, writcraft, xylodemon and y3llowdaisi3s.

Severus Snape prompts were reused for the Deeply Horrible Snape fest in March 2013.[6]


Example Works

Widely recommended works include:


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