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Name: Doc Klein's LabRat
Alias(es): LabRat, Labby, LB
Type: author, archivist
Fandoms: Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
Communities: Lois & Clark Fanfic Message Boards
URL: LabRat@L&C archive;
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Doc Klein's LabRat is an author and archivist mainly active in the Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman fandom. She started out writing Star Trek fanfiction for printzines, and began writing Lois & Clark fanfiction in around 1998.[1]

Her Lois & Clark stories range from vignettes to epics and humour to steamy het, but she is perhaps best known for her long plotty novels. Her works were awarded a Kerth Award each year between 2000 and 2003, including Best Overall Story for Masques,[2][3] and she has also received many nKerth Awards for her adult-rated fiction (known in the L&C fandom as Nfic).

LabRat has been the archivist of the Lois & Clark Fanfic Archive, the central non-adult archive for the fandom, since 2001.[4] She is active on the Lois & Clark Fanfic Message Boards.

In Her Own Words

LabRat on what attracts her to Lois & Clark:

It's very much the relationship between Clark and Lois with Superman as a diversion or a catalyst to problems which they must overcome which attracts me to LNC, rather than the superhero myth alone. ... It was the dilemma of how Clark tries to cope with having a private life that is in conflict with his desire to use his superpowers to help the world that interested me. I guess I'm a Shipper FoLC - to coin a phrase! <g> And a sucker for a good romance. ...
What attracts me to Clark is his vulnerability. He's the strongest man in the world and yet, as Lois ably pointed out, he has problems and insecurities just like the rest of us. In fact, what intrigues me is that his powers are often a burden rather than a delight. A show has always had to have three main aspects to make me fall in love with it. A set of characters who care deeply about each other - but don't always know it, although they gradually learn. Humor. And a burgeoning love story between two people who are made for each other, but just haven't figured it out.[1]

On her own writing:

I used to try my darnedest to produce something as close to what was on screen as I could get with all my other favorite shows. And then take it to that added extra dimension. Add in all the little moments that you would never see on screen because the budget wouldn't allow or just simply because there wasn't the time to explore the characters in that depth. But, nfic, is a whole barrel of fish all on its own and there, I just try to let Clark and Lois enjoy the physical and emotional side of their relationship with some tender, waffy moments, some humor......oh yeah, and some hot sex thrown in![1]

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Example Fanfiction

  • Are You Lonesome Tonight...?. An AU novel set in the episode 'All Shook Up'. Won a 2001 Kerth Award for Best Episode Adaptation and was a nominee for Best Overall Story.[5] Kathryn Andersen writes: ...takes the idea and gets a solid grip on it and explores it in loving detail. ... The first half of this is a really good amnesia story; the second half of this is more of a revelation/relationship/aftermath story. ... I couldn't put the story down, particularly in the first half.[6] Pam Jernigan writes: A wonderful story, with gorgeous prose.[7]
  • Caped Fear. 350-page epic. Won a 2000 Kerth Award for Best Dramatic Story and was a nominee for Best Overall Story.[8] Ariaadagio made a trailer for the novel; she writes: LabRat's *amazing* story ... it's truly a worthy, absolutely thrilling read.[9]


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