Divine Intervention (Magnificent Seven zine)

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Title: Divine Intervention
Publisher: Neon Rainbow Press
Editor(s): Cinda Gillilan & Jody Norman
Medium: print
Fandom: Magnificent Seven
Language: English
External Links: Neon Rainbow Press M7 website
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Divine Intervention is a Josiah-centered anthology. It is part of The Magnificent Seven Seven which is a series of gen fanzines, each focusing on a different character from the show. The series is divided amongst the 7 characters and each character based fanzine has a different title.

Other zines in the series

Issue 1

Divine Intervention 1 contains 156 pages.

cover of issue #1
  • His Team (by Steelknight) ATF Denver. Josiah visits the traveling Wall. (3)
  • Keeping Busy (by KT) ATF Denver. When Vin and Buck end up in the hospital, Josiah sits vigil. (5)
  • Ashes and Dust: Josiah Sanchez (by Joan Curtin) Old West. Josiah meets a new friend and finds himself drawn into the circle of interesting men. (9)
  • The Murder of Crows (by Tarlan) Old West. Josiah is seeing signs, and they aren't always easy to interpret. (4)
  • Days of Friendship (by Helen Adams) Old West. When Nathan is hurt Josiah is forced to use some old skills he'd hoped to never use again. (15)
  • The Devi in the Cave (by LaraMee) Old West. When Chris and Vin take refuge in a cave, an injured Vin finds himself in the fight of his life, and only one man can help him win it, Josiah, and he isn't there. (14)
  • Charades (by Meg Tipper) Old West. Josiah finds himself drawn into Maude's and Ezra's problems, but he turns the tables on them. (13)
  • Of Spirits and Visions (by Mady Bay) Old West. A vision takes Vin back to his Comanche family, but times have changed and he ends up a prisoner. Josiah goes after the tracker, following his own visions. (22)
  • Sanctuary (by Helen Adams) Old West. Josiah and JD take refuge in an old cabin, but soon find themselves in a life and death struggle for survival. (16)
  • Haunting of the Heart (by Glori) Old West. An injured Josiah is cared for by a very special woman. (4)
  • False Fathers (by Meg Tipper) Old West. Josiah's pain is rekindled by an innocent act on Ezra's part, but both men soon find themselves swept up into events neither would have ever wanted. (40)

Issue 2

Diving Intervention 2 contains 153 pages.

  • Let Me Believe (by sable_cain) ATF Denver. Josiah and Ezra go undercover, but things go terribly wrong when their cover is blown. (28)
  • Live and Let Diet (by Helen Adams & Karen Fedderly) ATF Denver. Josiah and Buck go on diets, with a little help from their friends. (15)
  • A Hanging Offense (by Ruby) Old West. JD is mad at Josiah, and the older man knows he needs to find out why. (5)
  • Here's to Many More Lively Conversations (by Meg Tipper) Old West. Ezra decides to have a talk with Josiah. (3)
  • A Good Man (by Ruby) Old West. After a visit to see his sister, Josiah isn't in a very good mood, but JD decides he still shouldn't drink alone. (4)
  • Somewhere Only We Know (by Jin) Old West. Vin and Josiah have a talk about Hannah. (5)
  • Stopover in a Place of Quiet Truth (by Helen Adams) Old West. Ezra and Josiah share a conversation. (4)
  • Down Time (by Helen Chavez) Old West. Josiah's thoughts on his friends at Christmas time. (5)
  • Rainy Day Gift (by Helen Adams) Old West. Josiah takes a fall on a rainy morning and discovers just how much his friends care about him. (9)
  • A Sacrifice of Fire (by NotTasha) Old West. Josiah asks something of Ezra that might cost the gambler his life. (13)
  • The Right Thing (by KT) Old West. Buck, Ezra and Josiah head to Mexico to carry out a mission for the Judge, but things take an interesting turn when the man they were supposed to stay with turns out to be dead. (16)
  • A Stone, Turned (by NotTasha) Old West. Ezra's reaction to an old black man leaves Josiah curious enough to follow up and get the old man's story. Good thing he did, too, because Ezra remembers it wrong. (14)
  • Fishing (by Winter) ATF Denver. The team is on vacation, but things go terribly wrong. (20)

Issue 3

Divine Intervention 3 contains 147 pages.

  • Borrowing Trouble (by Ruby) ATF Denver. Josiah and JD have an interesting conversation. (2)
  • High Interest (by Ruby) ATF Denver. JD's back with another question. (1)
  • Sins of the Past (by Helen Adams) ATF Denver. Josiah and Ezra indulge in a shared obsession. (4)
  • No Place Like Home (by Angie) ATF Denver. Josiah is caught outside in his vehicle when a tordado strikes. (6)
  • No Excuse (by Hombre) ATF Denver. Grief makes Josiah react in a way he and the rest of the team quickly regret. (18)
  • The Ring (by Hombre) ATF Denver. A sequel to "No Excuse." Josiah mends his relationship with Vin and with Ezra. (10)
  • Sign - Life (by Helen Adams) Old West. JOsiah's thinks on his new situation in life. (2)
  • It's All in How You Play It (by NotTasha) Old West. While out of town together, Josiah and Ezra exchange some thoughts. (6)
  • Meditation on Betrayal (by MMW) Old West. Josiah's thoughts in the aftermath of Ella Gains. (1)
  • Relatively Speaking (by Helen Adams) Old West. Josiah finds a relative of Ezra's highly entertaining. (2)
  • Friends and Family (by MMW) Old West. Vin gives Josiah a lesson in what family really means. (4)
  • Pied Beauty (by NotTasha) Old West. When it comes to Ezra, Josiah discovers that winning only half the story. (8)
  • The Other Cheek (by MMW) Old West. A tragedy from Josiah's past comes back to haunt him and Vin in the present. (19)
  • Toward the Light (by NotTasha) Old West. Josiah, Nathan and Ezra stumble upon a man in trouble, and offer to help. That aid might end up costing Ezra his life, but Josiah has faith he'll come thought okay. (39)
  • So Much Left To Do (by sable_cain) Old West. Josiah only has a week to get ready for Christmas. (4)
  • A Sin From the Past (by Angie) Old West. A young woman from Josiah's past turns up in Four Corners, beinging with her memories he had hoped would stay buried, forever. (10)

Issue 4

Divine Intervention 4 was published in 2011 and contains 135 pages.

cover of issue #4
  • So Much Let to Do (by sable_caine) Old West. Josiah contempltes just how much is left to do. (3)
  • Fallen Heroes (by Helen Adams) Old West. A conversation between Josiah and Ezra. (3)
  • A Sin from the Past (by Angie) Old West. A woman from Josiah's past arrives in town. (11)
  • Frogs in a Kettle (by sable-caine) Old West. Josiah is caught off gaurd when his uncle arrives in town. (21)
  • Hannah's Lament (by vms) Old West. Hannah's thoughts on her brother. (3)
  • Pards (by Helen Chavez) Old West. Josiah's horse has a few thoughts of his own. (4)
  • From new Moon to New Moon (by MMW) Old West. Josiah's been cursed but it's the others who pay the price. (59)
  • Tell Me There's a Heaven (by Helen Cahvez) ATF Denver. A casse Josiah worked continues to haunt him. (22)