Nothing to Chance

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Title: Nothing to Chance
Publisher: Neon Rainbow Press
Editor(s): Cinda Gillilan & Jody Norman
Medium: print
Fandom: Magnificent Seven
Language: English
External Links: Neon Rainbow Press M7 website
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Nothing to Chance is a gen Ezra-centered anthology. It is part of "The Magnificent Seven Seven" which is a series of gen fanzines, each focusing on a different character from the show. The series is divided amongst the 7 characters and each character-based fanzine has a different title.

Other zines in the series

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Nothing to Chance 1 contains 160 pages.

  • Aces High (by Joan Curtin) Old West. A peek into what Ezra was up to just before he took Chris up on his offer to join them at the Seminole village. (10)
  • Coming to Terms (by LaraMee) Old West, post-"Manhunt." Ezra seeks out Josiah when a ghost from his past won't stop haunting him. (6)
  • The Gambler's Wealth (by LaraMee) Old West. When Ezra goes missing, Chris and Vin head out to bring him home. (12)
  • Traveling Companions (by LaraMee) Old West. An encounter with a woman nearly gets Vin killed and now Ezra is hiding the truth of her identity from the rest of the Seven. (22)
  • Chivalry's End (by Luna Dey) Old West. Ezra comes to the rescue of a young woman, and ends up building a relationship with her like he never expected. (40)
  • The Fine Line (by LaraMee) Old West. Chris's temper and Ezra's curiosity are almost a lethal mix for both men. And, while Chris fights for his life, Ezra fights to let go of the connections he's made in Four Corners. (60)

Issue 2

Nothing to Chance 2 is 150 pages long and is a collection of 13 stories.

cover of issue #2
  • Amateur Night (by KT) ATF Denver. One of the team has been shot and Ezra was probably the target. Now they have to keep him safe until they can figure out what's really going on. (20)
  • Treasure Box (by Helen Adams) ATF Denver. When Ezra moves, Buck decides it's time the man unpacked a few things. (8)
  • Snow Shaker (by KT) ATF Denver. A trip to Alaska turns deadly for Ezra, Buck and Vin. (21)
  • Well Met (by KT) Old West. Buck and Chris run across a young Johnny Reb during the Civil War. (3)
  • Brown Eyes (by LaraMee) Old West. Ezra is missing Li Pong. (2)
  • Wounds (by LaraMee) Old West. Vin is hurt, Ezra is blaming himself, and Chris and Buck are trying to keep them all alive. (23)
  • A Few Years' Difference (by K Hanna Korossy) Old West. Ezra thinks back to the changes that have taken place in his life since joining the Seven. (11) Debuting!
  • The Road (by Meg Tipper) Old West. Ezra has a strange dream. (4)
  • Finer Than Gold (by LaraMee) Old West. When Ezra is hurt while he and Chris are out on an assignment together, he finds himself telling the gunslinger more than he ever expected. (18)
  • Jumping to Conclusions (by KT) Old West. A man missing, a body found, and Ezra, right in the middle of it all. (5)
  • The Perils of Menial Labor (by LaraMee) Old West. No good deed goes unpunished, or so Ezra thinks when he ends up getting hurt while helping Chris and Vin. (21)
  • A Dream Come True (by Luna Dey) Old West. Ezra's been having dreams, erotic dreams, where he is haunted by a woman's eyes. (2)

Issue 3

Nothing to Chance 3 contains 152 pages and was published in 2005. Cover art is by Pywacket; internal art is by Laramee.

cover of issue #3, Pywacket
  • Care Bears (by Helen Adams) ATF Denver. An injured Ezra gets some get well gifts. (5)
  • On Our Side (by Ruby) ATF Denver. JD reflects after Ezra is hurt on an operation. (2)
  • His Word (by Ruby) ATF Denver. A sequel to "On Our Side." JD keeps his word and goes to talk to Ezra. (2)
  • My Fair Ladies' Man (by Beth Green) ATF Denver. Ezra recruits Buck into a bet with an old friend. (17)
  • Hope (by Jade Standish) ATF Denver. Ezra and Vin are caught in an explosion, leaving the rest of the team to wonder if they are dead or alive. (8)
  • To Read or Not to Read... (by Helen Adams) Old West. Vin's studies aren't going as well as he'd hope, but Ezra has some words of encouragement for him (5)
  • Lying Down (by NotTasha) Old West. Doing a favor for Buck almost costs Ezra his life. (10)
  • The Flood (by K Hanna Korossy) Old West. Ezra is the lone member of the Seven remaining in Four Corners when the community is faced with a disaster. (9) Debuting!
  • Traveling Weight (by NotTasha) Old West. Ezra pares his life down to the bare essentials. (12)
  • The Agony of Defeat (by Helen Adams) Old West. Ezra contemplates his life after his mother takes the Standish Tavern away from him. (4)
  • Heroes and Villains (by JIN) Old West. When Ezra and Vin are caught out at Nettie's by a man bent on revenge, it falls to Ezra to save the tracker's life. (38)
  • Better Man (by Jade Standish) Old West. Ezra is a better man than he thinks sometimes. (6)
  • Deciphering (by NotTasha) Old West. Ezra has been taken hostage, but he's still able to let the Seven know what's happening. (12)
  • Ride the Green Horse (by LaraMee) Old West. Vin and Ezra go looking for Chris, and they find him, but Larabee's in a world of hurt. (11)

Issue 4

Nothing to Chance 4 was published in 2006 and contains 150 pages.

  • Sunset (by Helen Adams) ATF Denver. Ezra reflects as his life is about to change. (6)
  • A Brand New Day (by Helen Adams) ATF Denver. Josiah and Ezra share a meal and some reflections. (10)
  • Runaway Train (by Heidi) ATF Denver. An injured Ezra tries to hang on. (7)
  • Desert Training (by KT) ATF Denver. When their training takes them into the desert, Ezra learns just how good a friend Buck can be. (15)
  • That Night (by Meg Tipper) Old West. Ezra might not be feeling well, but he's got an uncanny ability to spot trouble. (10)
  • Ezra's Feast (by NotTasha) Old West. When Chris and JD find themselves hostages, their rescue arrives in the person of Ezra P. Standish. Now, will Ezra survive? (15)
  • Just Deserts (by NotTasha) Old West, a sequel to "Ezra's Feast." Ezra's heroic actions almost cost him his life, but his friends are determined to see him recovered. (37)
  • Acceptance (by Luna Dey) Old West. Ezra discovers some things about his mother, and his own past, he never knew before. (16)
  • High Stakes (by Jade Standish) Old West. Ezra finds himself in a game, and the stakes are life and death. (3)
  • High Water (by JJJunky) Old West. Ezra and Vin are shepherding a picnic when they are caught in a flash flood. Both men are injured, but sometimes friendship gives you more strength than you expect. (21)

Issue 5

Nothing to Chance 5 was published in 2007 and contains 150 pages.

  • Ace High (by Helen Adams) Old West. Ezra travels to face a part of his life he thought he had left behind. Buck rides with him. (40)
  • Through the Fire (by LaraMee) Old West. Ezra is the only witness when Vin is brutalized, and he is the only one who can help the tracker after the fact, too. (9)
  • One Day Out West (by Helen Adams) ATF Denver. Ezra's arrival in Denver doesn't go exactly as he had planned. (3)
  • Three Questions (by Helen Adams) ATF Denver. Ezra finds himself answering questions from his teammates, which is very revealing. (25)
  • Tempest (by Helen Adams) ATF Denver. Ezra and Vin go camping, but nothing ever goes smoothly when these two are together. (33)
  • Hope (by Jade Standish) ATF Denver. Ezra and Vin are trapped in a collapsed building, and time is running out. (8)
  • The Misery of the Human Condition (by Beth Green) ATF Denver. Ezra and Buck both get sick following a bust, but Ezra recovers much more quickly. (21)

Issue 6

Nothing to Chance 6 was published in 2007 and contains 158 pages.

  • Amy (by LaraMee) ATF Denver. Ezra runs into a special young woman while on an undercover assignment. (15)
  • Penance (by Helen Adams) ATF Denver. Ezra has been injured, but his recovery might just be harder to survive. (5)
  • Charades (by NotTasha) Old West. Ezra is able to help occupy two children while others deal with a grisly task. (7)
  • Departure (by Helen Adams) Old West. Ezra's thoughts as Maude leaves town. (5)
  • Someone to Ride the River With (by MMW) Old West. Ezra is hurt and Buck is there to help him, but it wasn't so long ago that the situation was reversed. (24)
  • Into the Cold (by NotTasha) Old West. Ezra leaves town with a thief, but that man turns out to be willing to steal the gambler's life. (21)
  • Strength in Numbers (by Helen Adams) Old West. Ezra is sicker than he thinks, but luckily he has friends who are willing to help him. (34)
  • The Price of Revenge (by LaraMee) Old West. Ezra strikes on for revenge, but ends up in the hands of men who are determined to kill him - slowly. (13)
  • It's All in the Angles (by Angie) Old West. When Buck is accused of murder it appears that Ezra doesn't care, but he does. (17)

Issue 7

Nothing to Chance 7 contains 178 pages.

  • Zaltana's Prediction (by Helen Adams) Old West. A trip to a fortune-teller has expected and unexpected consequences. (60)
  • More Than Gold (by NotTasha) Old West. Ezra, Buck and JD get caught in the middle of a robbery, with terrible results. (56)
  • Dry Gulch (by MMW) Old West. When Ezra, Chris and Vin end up in jail, life becomes a fight for survival, and true friendships are built. (51)

Issue 8

Nothing to Chance 8 was published in 2008 and contains 148 pages.

  • Clear as a Bell (by NotTasha) Old West. Ezra is shot and injured. (50)
  • First Date (by Helen Adams) Old West. Ezra takes Inez out to dinner. (5)
  • So Simple (by NotTasha) Old West. Ezra goes undercover to bring down a crook, but things don't work out as expected. (58)
  • Your True Family (by Ruby) ATF Denver. Ezra discovers he is part of a band of brothers. (25)

Issue 9

Nothing to Chance 9 was published in 2010 and contains 166 pages. Pywacket is the front cover artist.

  • His Mother's Son (by Helen Adams) Old West. Ezra contemplates his relationship with his mother. (5)
  • Investment (by Helen Adams) Old West. Ezra has plans. (5)
  • Perspective (by Helen Adams) Old West. Ezra gains a new perspective. (4)
  • The New Law (by NotTasha) Old West. Ezra has choices. (5)
  • No Good Deed (by Helen Adams) Old West. Sometimes no matter what you do, you have to pay a price. (17)
  • Murder in Red (by NotTasha) Old West. Giving something up can be darn hard to do. (8)
  • Justice (by Helen Adams) Old West. Nathan and Ezra face a rough piece of trail when their assumptions are challenged. (17)
  • Play Ball (by Helen Adams) ATF Denver. Ezra joins the others to play a little weekend baseball. (51)
  • What Was Not Meant to Be (by Angie) ATF Denver. Ezra lives another life. (13)
  • Twilight (by Helen Adams) ATF Denver. Ezra suffers a life-changing injury, but he has more support than he ever imagined. (31)

Issue 10

Noting to Chance 10 was published in 2011 and contains 145 pages.

  • Veracity (by Teri Huhman) Old West. Truth comes in many guises. (1)
  • A Curious Thing (by Kathy M) Old West. Ezra finds an unusual map. (10)
  • Home (by Carole Seegraves) Old West. It's nice to have a place to call home. (1)
  • Appearances are Everything (by Sue Newport) Old West. The title says it all! (2)
  • Angel (by LaraMee) Old West. Ezra's past comes back to haunt him. (26)
  • Wild Cards (by Carole Seegraves) Old West. Sometimes it's good to have a wild card in your hand. (2)
  • Hope (by Heidi) Old West. Ezra is having a very bad day, but then, so are the rest of the peacekeepers. (32)
  • Trust (by Teri Huhman) ATF Denver. Trust is not easily won. (1)
  • Undercover Blues (by Carole Seegraves) ATF Denver. Being undercover has it's dangers. (1)
  • Taking the Plunge (by Teri Huhman) ATF Denver. What we won't do for our friends. (2)
  • Slip-Sliding Away (by Teri Huhman) ATF Denver. Ah, winter in Denver. (3)
  • More Than One Kind of Hero (by KT) ATF Denver. A trip to Las Vegas together brings Ezra and BUck closer as friends, and it's a good thing, too, as Ezra faces some tough days ahead. (54)