Woolly to the Bone

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Title: Woolly to the Bone
Publisher: Neon Rainbow Press
Editor(s): Cinda Gillilan & Jody Norman
Medium: print
Fandom: Magnificent Seven
Language: English
External Links: Neon Rainbow Press M7 website
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Woolly to the Bone is a Vin-centered anthology. It is part of The Magnificent Seven Seven which is a series of gen fanzines, each focusing on a different character from the show. The series is divided amongst the 7 characters and each character based fanzine has a different title.

Other zines in the series

Issue 1

Woolly to the Bone 1 contains 159 pages.

  • Every Mother's Son (by LaraMee) Old West. A young woman must face the death of her husband and then leaving her son behind. (5)
  • To Heal the Hunter (by Joan Curtin) Old West. Vin arrives in Four Corners bleeding and hurt. Lucky for him, the town has a healer. (20)
  • Orphans, Mothers and Sons (by SueN) Old West. Vin faces an emotional crisis, triggered by Ezra's slip of the tongue. And the gambler has his own problems, too. (33)
  • Guardian Angel (by LaraMee) Old West. An injured Vin must rely on Nettie and a surly stranger to help him. (20)
  • Out of the Shadows (by Deirdre) ATF Denver. Chris and the team cross paths with a stubborn bounty hunter they come to think of as family. (35)
  • Bombshell (by Mady Bay) ATF Denver. What would have been a minor injury launches Vin into an odyssey he never expected to face, but the team is there for him, each step of the way. (27)

Issue 2

Woolly to the Bone 2 contains 150 pages.

  • Friends (by Tarlan) Old West. An injured Chris and Vin watch out for each other. (5)
  • Wallflower (by Mady Bay) Old West. Vin makes his rounds in order to escape the town social. (2)
  • Hearth and Home (by LaraMee) Old West. Chris takes an injured Vin to the closest help he knows of – Nettie Wells. (13)
  • Scar (by Winter) Old West. A fight in the saloon leads to an injury that teaches Vin a lesson about friendship. (6)
  • When Butterflies Attack (by Mady Bay) Old West. Vin has a run-in with a clever enemy. (2)
  • Burden of Friendship (by LaraMee) Old West. JD learns just how seriously Vin takes his friendships. (4)
  • Grandpa (by SueN) Old West. Seeing an old man and his grandson brings back some painful memories for Vin, but Chris is there for him to share them with. (16)
  • The Climb (by LaraMee) Old West. When Vin takes a bad fall he is paralyzed and forced to depend upon his friends to take care of him. (27)
  • Red Zone (by Deirdre) ATF Denver. A case of road rage nearly turns deadly for Chris and Vin, and sets off a chain of events that neither man anticipated. (64)

Issue 3

Woolly to the Bone 3 contains 166 pages. On His Own (by Winter) ATF Denver. Vin is hurt, but keeping it to himself, which is going to cost him eventually. (12)

  • Destiny (by LaraMee) ATF Denver. Vin has found love, but it's short-lived when she is shot and killed. Now Tanner is grieving, but he's not alone. (19)
  • Oh, Lord! (by KT) ATF Denver. A moment of Vin-fun! (1)
  • Inhibitions (by Greta C.) ATF Denver. A female agent brings romance into Tanner's life. (19)
  • A Different Kind of Courage (by Rhiannon) Old West. Missing scenes from "Lady Killers" that explores the events around Vin's and Mary's interactions. (7)
  • Storms of the Past (by Mady Bay) Old West. A letter from a woman in Vin's past touches off a series of events that nearly costs the tracker his life. (18)
  • Should the Angels Call (by Traveling Dimestore Novelist) Old West. Vin has been acting strangely, and now it appears that he might have killed a man by shooting him in the back. As the Seven try to uncover what's going on, they miss the danger right in front of them. (61)
  • Tanner vs. Texas (by Susan MacDonald) Old West. Vin decides to return to Tascosa to clear his name, but he's taking two of his friends with him, just in case. (16)

Issue 4

Woolly to the Bone 4 contains 153 pages.

  • All For One (by JJJunky) Old West. The rest of the Seven find out about Vin's fugitive status. (9)
  • Ride a Lonely Trail (by Rhiannon) Old West. Vin reflects on the dangers of staying in one place too long. (6)
  • Too Stupid to Learn (by Rhiannon) Old West. The rest of the Seven learn Vin's secret. (14)
  • Orphans (by LaraMee) Old West. Chris and Vin come across three orphans, who quickly become dear to the tracker. (21)
  • The Choice (by Rhiannon) Old West. A rapid fire dive into hurt-comfort. (4)
  • Devil's Anvil (by Winter) Old West. Nathan is hurt, and Vin is out for revenge. But, the tracker is also injured and it's going to take the rest of his friends to see him safely through this one. (31)
  • Tell Me All Your Thoughts on God (by Jin) ATF Denver. Vin disappears and the rest of Team Seven race to save him. In the process, they all reveal their relationships with God. (47)
  • I'm Tired (by Heidi) ATF Denver. Vin just wants to get a little sleep, is that too much to ask? (6)

Issue 5

Woolly to the Bone 5 was published in 2007 and contains 150 pages.

  • Vision (by Mady Bay) ATF Denver. Vin is given a drug that opens his mind in ways no one expected. (49)
  • Watching (by Annie) ATF Denver. Vin reflects on the tragedies of September 11. (2)
  • In His Hands (by Winter) Old West. While hunting a wolf, Chris accidentally shoots Vin, and then the wolf attacks. (33)
  • Downfall (by JIN) Old West. Luke is kidnapped and Chris and Vin are left for dead. (55)

Issue 6

Woolly to the Bone 6 was published in 2007 and contains 159 pages.

  • Ella's Trail (by MMW) Old West. Vin goes after Ella Gains, and he catches up to her, too. (8)
  • Hurt Hawks (by NotTasha) Old West. JD and Vin stop at an old shack when the tracker is hurt. (7)
  • Hail (by Jeanne) Old West. While out helping Chris on the cabin, Vin is caught out in a hail storm. (18)
  • Lean on Me (by Dawnsunrise) Old West. Vin rides out while sick and pays the price. (14)
  • 'Cos the Grass Ain't Green (by Susie Burton) Old West. Vin and Chris end up hurt. (5)
  • First Time for Everything (by NotTasha) Old West. Vin and Ezra run into a little trouble. (6)
  • Found (by Jeanne) Old West. Vin is caught in a landslide and gets hurt. Worse still, he can't remember who he is. Luckily Chris and Josiah come looking for him. (50)
  • Huntin' (by Jeanne) Old West; a sequel to "Found." Vin takes the boys into the mountains, but he ends up hurt. (40)

Issue 7

Woolly to the Bone 7 contains 147 pages.

  • Breaking a Man (by Angie) Old West. Vin is captured and it looks like it might be the end of the trail for the tracker. (26)
  • Soaring (by Bri) Old West. Vin has a few thoughts. (7)
  • By Any Name (by Estee) Old West. Chris and Buck think a change of name might help Vin. (3)
  • A Time to Dance (by Beth Green) Old West. Buck decides it's time Vin got over Charlotte. (9)
  • The Devil's Bounty Hunter (by Susan Macdonald) Old West. Vin crosses paths with his father and doesn't even know it. (3)
  • Blackfell (by Ruby) Old West. Vin and Chris are caught in a web of revenge. (6)
  • No Matter What Happens (by sable_cain) Old West. Vin sets out to clear his name. (4)
  • Another Year (by Tonny) Old West. Vin goes to see Chris. (4)
  • Conversations (by Tonny) Old West. Vin and Chris have a conversation. (12)
  • Clothes Make the Man (by Xiola) Old West. Ezra wasn't the only one who auditioned for the role of singer. (10)
  • Revelations (by Angie) ATF Denver. Vin gets a visit from someone important from his past. (13)
  • Joy for Vin (by Beth Green) ATF Denver. Vin gets a girl. (2)
  • Full Buck Moon (by Beth Green) ATF Denver. Vin is hurt and Buck is feeling no pain. (8)
  • Back Together (by Ruby) ATF Denver. Vin and Chris are hurt. (6)
  • Bed of Roses (by sable_cain) ATF Denver. Vin and Charlotte ATF-style. (16)
  • One More Look (by sable_cain) ATF Denver; sequel to "Bed of Roses." Vin gets a surprise from Charlotte's husband. (5)

Issue 8

Woolly to the Bone 8 contains 170 pages.

  • Bite the Hand (by JJJunky) Old West. Vin has an interesting relationship with a horse. (4)
  • Flashback (by Jeanne) Old West. When Vin see some strangers in town it brings back some old, bad memories. (51)
  • There When You Need Them (by MMW) Old West. Chris and Buck and Vin head out to deliver prisoners, but things take a turn for the worse. (15)
  • Sooner or Later (by Ruby) Old West. Vin and JD find themselves in a very bad situation. (17)
  • The Tracker's Unusual Day (by Heidi) Old West. Vin crosses paths with a lady writer and it turns his world upside down. (12)
  • Intersection (by Bri) Old West & ATF Denver. Two sets of the seven find themselves in an unusual situation. (14)
  • Traffic Stop (by Winter) ATF Denver. Vin and JD get pulled over, but this is anything but a routine traffic stop. Now the two men are fighting for their lives. (22)
  • Worth It (by Dawnsunrise) ATF Denver. Vin gets hurt, but the others aren't sure they can trust Chris to help him. (22)