Animal Magnetism (Magnificent Seven zine)

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Title: Animal Magnetism
Publisher: Neon Rainbow Press
Editor(s): Cinda Gillilan & Jody Norman
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Magnificent Seven
Language: English
External Links: Neon Rainbow Press M7 website
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Animal Magnetism is a Buck-centered anthology. It is part of The Magnificent Seven Seven which is a series of gen fanzines, each focusing on a different character from the show. The series is divided amongst the 7 characters and each character based fanzine has a different title.

Other zines in the series

Issue 1

Animal Magnetism 1 contains 156 pages.

  • Going Home (by Niteowl) Old West. The Civil War comes to an end for Chris and Buck. (3)
  • Born Under a Wandering Star: Buck Wilmington (by Joan Curtin) Old West. Buck runs into an old friend he never expected to see again, and he's asking for a favor. (9)
  • Past Connections (by KT) Old West. A man from Buck's past arrives in Four Corners, stirring up ghosts the ladies' man had hoped were long buried. But these ghosts have been haunting another member of the Seven as well. (34)
  • The Measure of a Man (by LaraMee) Old West. A trip to the swimming hole leads to an unexpected realization that has Buck feeling a little inadequate. (5)
  • Dead Man Walking (by Winter) ATF Denver. Buck and Vin end up injured and keeping each other company in the hospital and out. (36)
  • Taking the Bull by the Horns (by Luna Dey) ATF Denver. An undercover assignment almost costs Buck his most precious possessions. (7)
  • A Walk in the Woods (by KT) ATF Denver. Buck and Josiah go undercover, but when Buck is discovered it becomes a fight for their lives. (49

Issue 2

Animal Magnetism 2 contains 156 pages.

  • The Ones We Love (by LaraMee) Old West. Chris and JD have a talk about Buck's childhood. (4)
  • Co-Dependency (by KT) Old West. When Buck and Vin are both hurt, they have to depend upon each other more than they expected. (26)
  • This Man's Life (by LaraMee) Old West. Buck's mad at Chris for taking chances with his life. (18)
  • Blindsided (by Mady Bay) Old West. Buck is hurt and Vin blinded in an attack and now they are both healing! (34)
  • Truck Love (by KT) ATF Denver. Buck waxes poetic on his true love. (5)
  • A Walk in the Woods (by LaraMee) ATF Denver. Chris is a hostage and Buck and Vin are trying to find him before it's too late. (20)
  • Good Nayber (by KT) ATF Denver. Buck helps Vin out of a frustrating situation. (5)
  • Dead or Alive (by Mady Bay) ATF Denver. An old enemy of Chris and Buck's returns and Buck and Vin both get caught in the crossfire. (18)
  • Rising to a Challenge (by KT) ATF Denver. When everyone agrees to fix a dish for a special dinner we get a peek into Buck's background. (7)
  • No Thinkin' Thing (by Luna Dey) ATF Denver. Buck has a romantic moment. (2)
  • A Right Pair (by KT) ATF Denver. While on a stakeout Vin and Buck learn some things about each other and help out a kid at the same time. (6)

Issue 3

Animal Magnetism 3 contains 158 pages.

  • Friends, Past and Present (by Rhiannon) Old West. Buck makes his peace with Chris and Vin's friendship. (5)
  • Weight Lifting (by KT) Old West. While transferring a prisoner, Buck falls ill. (29)
  • Just Another Day (by Karlee Keene) Old West. Buck talks sense into a young gun-fighter. (5)
  • When You Need Me (by KT) Old West. Buck is hurt trying to save the life of a child, now the rest of the Seven fight to save him. (43)
  • Surprise (by LaraMee) ATF Denver. Chris gets a surprise birthday party. (12)
  • Living Dangerously (by Beth Green) ATF Denver. Buck is out for revenge. (7)
  • Blaze of Glory (by Ruby) ATF Denver. Buck thinks about JD and how they live their lives. (5)
  • Not Kidding Around (by Beth Green) ATF Denver. Buck's trip to the mall turns into something deadly. (15)
  • Blind Faith (by Mady Bay) ATF Denver. Buck is taking care of an injured Vin when he gets caught in a disaster of his own. (24)
  • Silent Father (by MMW) ATF Denver. Buck has a secret he'll never tell. (3)

Issue 4

Animal Magnetism 4 was published in 2011 and contains 140 pages.

  • A Familiar Face (by MMW) Old West. Seeing Vin for the first time in Four Corners brings back some memories for Buck. (6)
  • The Call of Friendship (by LaraMee) Old West. Buck wonders if he did the right thing. (5)
  • Blood Money (by BMP) Old West. Buck considered the aftermath of Ella Gains play for Chris. (8)
  • No Good Deed (by Helen Adams) Old West. Buck and Ezra stop on a hot day, but relaxing can be dangerous. (17)
  • Pulling Punches (by KT) Old West. Buck has a secret past in the ring.(5)
  • Time Flies (by NotTasha) Old West. Buck and Ezra get caught in a terrible storm. (23)
  • Digging Out Trust and Friendship (by KT) Old West. Buck rushes to save his friends when Vin and Ezra end up trapped in a mine. (40)
  • Elvis & Me (by Beth Green) ATF Denver. Buck's trip to get food takes an unusual turn. (5)
  • All But Forgotten (by Beth Green) ATF Denver. Buck finds himself hurt and alone, with no chance for rescue, but his friends never give up. (21)