The Bad Element

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Title: The Bad Element
Publisher: Neon Rainbow Press
Editor(s): Cinda Gillilan & Jody Norman
Series?: yes
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Magnificent Seven
Language: English
External Links: Neon Rainbow Press M7 website
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The Bad Element is a Chris-centered anthology. It is part of The Magnificent Seven Seven, which is a series of gen fanzines, each focusing on a different character from the show. The series is divided amongst the 7 characters and each character based fanzine has a different title.

Other zines in the series

Issue 1

The Bad Element 1 is 154 pages long.

  • Sliver of Night (by Joan Curtin) Old West. Chris Larabee finds himself in a backwater town called Four Corners, and quickly finds himself caught up in the events unfolding there. (10)
  • Fathers and Sons (by LaraMee) Old West. Chris and Billy have gone fishing, and end up sharing some secrets. (5)
  • Ghosts (by Joan Curtin) Old West. A sequel to the novel "Killing Time." Vin is still struggling with ghosts from his past, and Chris is determined to help him. (22)
  • And Then There Were Five (by Winter) ATF Denver. Chris Larabee is putting together a new ATF team, and a scruffy bounty hunter is the next one he wants to add to the crew. (60)
  • I'll Try (by LaraMee) ATF Denver. Chris visits the graves of his wife and son. (4)
  • Mexican Sunscreen (by Luna Dey) ATF Denver. On an undercover assignment, Chris and Ezra find themselves in an unusual situation. (8)
  • Give 'Til it Hurts (by Winter) ATF Denver. Nettie asks Team Seven to help out, and they agree, but it's going to cost Chris a little of his dignity. (7)
  • The Search (by LaraMee) ATF Denver. While Vin lies, fighting for his life, the rest of Team Seven search for Chris, who is facing his own tragedy. (13)
  • The Greatest Gift (by Winter) ATF Denver. Chris's birthday celebration is almost ruined when Vin is nearly killed. (7)
  • Watching God Dream (Sunni) ATF Denver. Chris takes his special lady on an adventure. (8)

Issue 2

The Bad Element 2 is 153 pages long.

  • The Gun (by Tarlan) Old West. How Chris got his first gun. (1)
  • Learning to Listen (by KT) Old West. Chris and Buck begin their friendship during the Civil War. (4)
  • The Traveler (by Tarlan) Old West. Chris arrives in Four Corners. (2)
  • The Comfort of Friends (by LaraMee) Old West. Chris recovers from his time as a prisoner, thanks to some help from his friends. (7)
  • Pony (by LaraMee) Old West. The rest of the Seven hear how Chris's horse got his name. (3)
  • Home Alone... With Child (by LaraMee) Old West. A young couple remind Chris of the first time he was home alone with Adam. (5)
  • First Dance (by LaraMee) Old West. A dance in town reminds Chris about the first time he met Sarah. (5)
  • Billy's Sin (by LaraMee) Old West. When Billy runs away, he runs straight to Chris. (4)
  • Brothers Born (by Jade Standish) Old West. Chris is used as bait to trap Vin. (18)
  • Hard Feelings (by Winter) Old West. Chris and Vin have to make up after "Wagon Train." (7)
  • After Obsession (by LaraMee) Old West. Chris must come to terms with what happened between him and Ella Gains. (26)
  • Blind Justice (by LaraMee) Old West. When Chris is blinded, it's up to the others to see him through the darkness. (46)
  • I'll Make it Right (by KT) ATF Denver. With Buck injured, Chris realizes just what his oldest friend really means to him. (2)
  • Since I Lost You (by LaraMee) ATF Denver. The anniversary of Sarah's and Adam's deaths is hard for Chris. (3)
  • What's the Point? (by Heidi) ATF Denver. Chris and his paper carrier have a little war going on. (3)
  • Adam's Touch (by Ruby) ATF Denver. When Chris is hurt, he is visited by his son. (4)
  • Shadows of Self (by Jade Standish) ATF Denver. Vin gives Chris a little of his own medicine. (3)

Issue 3

The Bad Element 3 contains 154 pages.

  • Strum und Drang (by Beth Green) ATF Denver. Chris is feeling low. (4)
  • Neither a Sender nor a Larabee (by Beth Green) ATF Denver. Chris sends an email he really shouldn't have. (9)
  • Start of a Beautiful Friendship (by Tarlan) Old West. Chris meets Buck. (3)
  • Maybe (by RubyK) Old West. Chris takes on a young gambler in a gunfight. (4)
  • Free (by RubyK) Old West. Billy experiences a small but powerful tragedy. (4)
  • Breaching the Wall (by Rhiannon) Old West. An epilog to "Manhunt." Chris thinks about the men he now calls friends. (8)
  • Trust (by Helen Adams) Old West. Chris can't figure Ezra out. (4)
  • Advice to My Son (by NotTasha) Old West. Chris remembers some advice he was given. (5)
  • Vision of an Eagle (by Tarlan) Old West. Chris is injured. (14)
  • Fires (by LaraMee) Old West. Chris goes after the man who kidnapped Billy. (13)
  • So Far From Home (by NotTasha) Old West. Chris waits with the others to see if Ezra will pull through. (11)
  • Fast Enough (by MMW) Old West. Chris stands by Vin when he is called out. (16)
  • Good Enough (by MMW) Old West. A sequel to "Fast Enough." Chris learns why Vin doesn't carry a handgun. (13)
  • Past Links (by Jade Standish) Old West AU. Chris discovers Ezra's shoicking real identity. (5)
  • Present Bonds (by Jade Standish) Old West AU. Chris and Ezra try to come to terms with their new relationship. (4)
  • Hero Worship Can Come in Handy (by Hombre) Old West. When Chris helps a young girl, he acquires a shadow. (15)
  • Falling Heroes (by LaraMee) Old West. Chris takes a bad fall while on a picnic with Billy and Vin. (12)

Issue 4

The Bad Element 4 contains 188 pages.

  • Count on Me (by LaraMee) Old West. Chris has a true friend. (5)
  • Tin (by NotTasha) Old West. Chris sees an old item anew. (14)
  • A Good Man Down (by LaraMee) Old West. When Chris is shot it's Ezra and Buck who have to come to the rescue. (14)
  • Revenge is Mine (by Winter) Old West. A post-"Obsession" story. Ella is back, but Chris isn't falling for her this time.(49)
  • Wagon Train (by Helen Adams) ATF Denver. Chris is able to let go. (5)
  • Breathe (by BMP) ATF Denver. Buck is there for his friend. (12)
  • Mines and Other Dark Places (by Jenanne) ATF Denver. When Chris ends up in trouble, he finds he has help from unexpected places. (26)
  • Blinded by the Light (by Heidi) ATF Denver. Chris is kidnapped by a woman bent on revenge. (50)

Issue 5

The Bad Element 5 was published in 2011 and contains 138 pages.

  • The Right Path (by MMW) Old West. Chris must choose the way to follow. (3)
  • He Ain't Heavy (by Winnie) Old West. Chris must carry his friend to help. (5)
  • What a Difference a Year Makes (by Sue Newport) Old West. Chris thinks back on the changes in his life. (3)
  • Mauled (by Winnie) Old West. When Chris is attacked by a mountain lion, Vin knows he do whatever it takes to save his friend.(15)
  • Stand Alone (by LaraMee) Old West. When you're hurt it's better to have friends than to stand alone. (7)
  • Happy Birthday, Stud (by Pamela) The Agency AU. Birthdays are interesting times. (6)
  • Finding Faith (by Winnie) The Firm AU. Chris and Josiah set out to help a family and end up in a fight for life. (34)
  • Ripples in Time (by Pamela) The Firm AU. Chris is recovering from an injury, but he's not alone. (6)
  • The Gift (by Winnie) The Firm AU. Chris and Vin go out for a nice celebration and end up nearly getting themselves killed. (25)
  • Always and Forever (by Winnie) The Firm AU. Chris is kidnapped by a man set on revenge. (20)

Issue 6

The Bad Element 6 was published in 2014 and contains 135 pges.

  • To Remember (by LaraMee) Old West. Chris remembers. (4)
  • The Setup (by Pamela) ATF Denver. Chris is setup and in trouble, but his friends are not too far behind. (19)
  • Night Caller (by LaraMee) ATF Denver. Chris thinks he is losing his minds when the calls start. (22)
  • Should Have Seen That Coming (by Kasey Tucker) ATF Denver. Chris and the team are involved in a case most foul. (6)
  • Unwanted Attention (by Winnie) The Firm. A woman sets her sights on Chris, and she won't take no for an answer. (64)
  • Shorts by Teri Huhman (Unquenchable, One Good Belt Deserves Another, Count My Blessings), Sew Newport (A Good Day Fer It, Falling Leaves), and Carole Seegraves (Ghosts From the Past).