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Name: Tipper
Alias(es): Meg Tipper, tipper_green
Type: writer
Fandoms: Magnificent Seven, Stargate Atlantis
URL: Tipper's Fictions (link)
tipper_green on LJ
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Tipper is a a fan who was mostly active in Magnificent Seven (2001-2010) and Stargate Atlantis (2004-2009) fandom. She writes mainly gen stories, often quite long, with a strong focus on team relationships and action/adventure. Several of her stories won fan awards[1]; among others she was voted Best Gen Author in the Stargate Fan Awards 2006.

The Magnificent Seven


The Four Kingdoms - An epic fantasy AU were Chris is the champion of a fallen kingdom, Vin a scout, Ezra a thief, Josiah a mage, Nathan a healer, Buck a former Captain of the Guard, and JD is a stableboy. In Book One a maddened King is attempting to recreate an ancient empire by combining the Four Kingdoms into one, and, when the story begins, he has all but succeeded. In order to prevent the darkness that will come with the empire, the Seven are tasked with finding a way to stop him. There are shades of all the episodes in the story, from the Pilot to Serpents, and many recognizable characters that I played with a little. It is most definitely a book, broken up into six easily digestible parts. There are also four sequels. Book Two: After the Fall , Book Three: The Fay Wars, Book Four: The Border and Book Five: Rhea and the Wolf.

NYC AU (Equitable Action) - Modern Day AU that takes place in New York City. On the seventh floor of the Four Corners Building on 42nd Street, lawyers Standish & Sanchez LLP are situated just down the hall from the Larabee Detective Agency, often joining forces to form an unlikely partnership that never fails to get results. In the first story, Equitable Action, a bounty hunter accused of a murder he did not commit and with nothing to lose rings the buzzer to the Law Office….

The Golden Bull - Renaissance Venice AU. This short little ditty sets up the scene, where Chris, Vin, Buck and Ezra are gentlemen making their living as merchants in the vibrant trading city of Venice in the mid-fourteenth century. Nathan is a sculptor, Josiah is a priest/monk (not acquainted with the corrupt Papacy in Rome) and JD is the youngest son of the Duke of Venice. In this story, they come together to help Ezra’s mother out of a rather interesting situation.

Four Corners Academy - The seven are students at Four Corners Academy, a school infamous for being the place where children are sent when they can not fit in anywhere else. The setting is the winter session at the school, where a new and idealistic principle is arriving to take the reins. But when your Trustees are Stuart James and Guy Royal, the vice principal is Horace Conklin and every student has a mug shot somewhere on file, it’s a little difficult to see a future for any child that is sent there…and they know it. 4CA AU. All seven. COMPLETE March 6, 2004.

Emergency – Station 7 - "This AU is the result of a challenge. We had to create an AU using the setting of a TV show or Movie of our choice, and import the boys into it. This is NOT a crossover fic, as we were not allowed to use any of the characters from the other show. This is all Mag 7, just somewhere else. I chose one of my favorite old TV shows – Emergency. Hope you like it! No need to know the show to read this, though it would probably make it a heck of a lot less serious!" Complete January 3, 2002.

Old West

Penance – Missing Scenes - On the day of the murder, where do Ezra and Buck disappear to when everyone else is rallying around Josiah? Here’s a missing scene to explain Ezra’s strong reaction to Irene’s body at the undertakers…and why he wears a gold band on his ring finger. Ezra and Buck.

When Rivers Rise - Six months after Serpents. It’s April, and the weather is terrible, complete with unseasonable rains and flooding rivers. In the beginning, Chris and Buck are fighting, Vin is developing a bad cold (too much city living) and Ezra’s, well, being Ezra.

The Quiet Week - It’s a hot summer week, and Ezra is predictably getting on Chris’s nerves. As punishment, he sends him out on the trail with Vin to teach him a lesson, and, of course, it all goes downhill from there. Chris, Buck, Vin and Ezra mostly, but the others are there too.

Trust, Truth and Other Fictions - A short story about learning to live and let live. Mostly Ezra.

Adverse Possession - A land hungry Frenchman causes problems for the Seven. This is pure story, folks, containing a healthy dose of totally unnecessary destruction. Got love the genre! All Seven.

That Night (Winner of 2003 Gold Ezzie) - A little piece of slightly supernatural fluff. Must be that desert (October) air. Mostly Ezra.

Three of a Kind - This is a crossover fic with Maverick. If that frightens you, please don’t let it! The story requires no prior knowledge and is really just for fun. Basic idea: when Bret and Bart Maverick come to Four Corners, things become even more interesting than normal…. All Seven.

Lady Marshal (nominated for 2003 Ezzie) - A Lady Marshal arrives in Four Corners and enlists the help of the Seven in taking down some infamous cattle rustlers. I promise, no Mary Sues and no romantic involvements, it is an action story. All Seven.

Silver Linings (nominated for 2002 Ezzie) - This one is pure Ezra. I love this one, so be nice. In this story, a piece Ezra’s ugly past comes back to haunt him just as the cold winds of early December begin to pick up.

The Story of Boston Bound - This one’s a mystery, a la Agatha Christie. As January snowstorms blanket Four Corners, a stagecoach arrives bringing a figure from Nathan’s past…and one from Ezra’s. There is romance, murder, and three determined detectives named Chris, Buck and Vin.

Greene’s Knights - Mr. Greene, the local apothecary, is kidnapped. All Seven.

False Fathers (nominated for 2003 Ezzie) - Josiah comes to the fore for this one, and we learn about his past as he tries to sort out his feelings for Four Corners and for Ezra. This one is one of my bloodiest – you’ve been warned. Now that I know what it means, I can say with absolute certainty, this is an h/c fic.

Moon Boxing (nominated for 2002 Ezzie) - It involves a jewel heist, a boxing match, and an Australian blackguard. And that’s just the beginning. All Seven.

Bodyguards - Basic idea: Mary hires Chris, Vin, Ezra and Josiah to act as her bodyguards when she goes to investigate the disappearance of one of her oldest friends, but Mary soon falls to the background when disaster takes one of them away. All Seven.

Explosions - Total wanton destruction begins this one (hence the name). When the seven meet some dynamite happy bank robbers, it causes repercussions that none could predict, including a surreal foray into Ezra’s civil war past. Mostly Ezra.

Figure of Speech - Response to JeanG’s birthday and chiseler challenges. Ezra’s down a hole, and he’s not too happy. Vin, meanwhile, uses his own brand of “subtlety” to find out where Ezra is.

Demons and Lovers (Winner of 2002 Diamond Ezzie – Best Romantic Story) - When five of the Seven return from a mission in Red Fork looking battered and broken, emotions run high between two of them. Then some baddies arrive hoping to take advantage of an under-protected Four Corners. Mostly Buck, Ezra and JD.

Alpha Males (Winner of 2002 Diamond Ezzie – Best OW Crossover) - A Crossover between the Mag7 and the A-Team in the Old West. It reads like any other episode, for the most part, and you don't need any prior knowledge of the A-Team to read it. Basic Idea – when the A-Team come to town with a couple of nuns, they not only bring a boatload of trouble, they really piss off Chris. Mostly Ezra and Chris in this one.

Under Pressure - Another JeanG challenge response. "On a dusty outcropping, with the unforgiving desert sun beating down on their heads, two men lie in wait..."

Charades - Josiah agrees to help Ezra out with a little charade of his mother's, and it all goes downhill from there. Pretty short piece, about half my usual length, but not as short as my usual challenge fics.

Pop Psychology - Vin is having nightmares, and they are killing him. Vin mostly, with Nathan, Ezra, Josiah and Chris all playing key parts. Can I suggest you read Three of a Kind first? You don't have to, but this story has a small part that relates back to that one.

Coming to an End - The challenge was to write a story from the villain's point of view. It's just a short little piece.

The Trial of Vin Tanner - The challenge this time was to write a story about what might happen if five of the seven went to Tascosa to clear Vin, or what might happen to the two who remained behind. Courtroom drama.

What's Really Real - Nathan had to be a main character and the story had to include the line: "A seed of doubt once planted, sown deep, had begun to grow and crack the very foundation that united them." The premise for this is that Ezra has finally gotten everything he ever wanted. Is this the end of the Seven?

Spring Waters - a prison escape across a fat river. Nothing is ever easy. This is a polished up challenge answer.

Cornerstone (nominated for 2002 Ezzie) - A single letter causes the loss of the one man Ezra thought he could always count on when the bullets start to fly.

The Clod and the Pebble (or Songs of Experience) (winner of 2002 Gold Ezzie) - Sequel to Cornerstone. Ezra's still hurting, Vin's wracked with guilt and Evelyn Starr is stillin town.

Going Home Again - This is a crossover with Tipper's NYC AU (the first story of which is Equitable Action) and is also a challenge answer. "Michelle asked us to write a supernatural story, and the guy's reaction thereto, and to include and otherworldly figure of some kind. I did. Totally got away from me, but, ah well. Chris, Vin and Ezra."

Diamonds and Beans (nominated for 2003 Ezzie) - An old friend of Nathan's has been accused of stealing a hundred thousand dollars in diamonds. When the boys go to clear his name, you just know things are not going to go well. Nathan and Ezra.

A Certain Tactile Sensitivity (nominated for 2003 Ezzie) - A Challenge answer. After Ezra rescues JD, the repercussions of the act nearly destroy him.

The Englishman (nominated for 2003 Ezzie) - The judge requests the seven's help to protect a visiting English Lord. Everyone but Nathan and JD.

Of Fish - Short challenge answer. The smell from the kitchens of the hotel bring back some haunting memories for JD.

The Golden Hart (nominated for 2003 Ezzie) - Is Maude a murderer? Someone very powerful thinks so and is prepared to stop at nothing to find her. Ezra, Chris, Maude, Buck and the others all play a role.

The Poem Challenge (offered by Beth Baker – to write a fic inspired by a poem)

  • The Mask - This very short descriptive vignette was Tipper's first answer. WB Yeats’ “The Mask” was the inspiration.
  • “Here’s to Many More Lively Conversations” - Dorothy Parker’s “Resume.” Ezra and Josiah.
  • She Was Overheard Singing - Edna St. Vincent Millay. “She Was Overheard Singing” as well as “First Fig” and “Penitent.” Burning the candle at both ends, baby. Short. Inez. On her own
  • A Summons Faint Yet Absolute - Edward Dowden “By the Window.” This one is more of a story, and I think it’s the best one. It is a “Missing Scene” from the Pilot, concerning Ezra’s decision to go with Chris instead of just taking off on his own (which he could have done and right after he saw them…so why didn’t he?).

Two Fish Run Into a Wall (Winner of 2003 Diamond Ezzie – Best OW Crossover) - A sequel to Alpha Males (above), meaning it’s a crossover between the Mag7 and the A-Team in the Old West. All Four A-Team members and All Seven.

The Road - Answer to the April Challenge, to base a story on a photograph supplied by KT. Ezra with a touch of Nathan.

The Magpie - the theft of an opera singer’s brooch starts a chain of events that sends JD up a tree, Ezra into hell, and Chris fighting not to lose one of his men, meanwhile…there are all these birds…. Ezra, Chris and JD, primarily.

Lost At Sea - Short answer to Katherine’s June Challenge to create some parental/ancestral history for one of the boys. A little sad. Ezra, and a hint of JD.

A Betting Man (formally titled A Lucky Man) – medium length answer to two challenges – July 2003 (the Weather Challenge offered by Twy) and January 2003 (the Missing Horse challenge offered by Ang). Ezra is taking a break from Four Corners when, needless to say, things go wrong, and the fog blanketing the region is the least of his problems. Ezra, Chris and baddies.

The Race - medium length answer to the August 2003 myths and legends challenge. Four Corners is holding a foot race and, of all people, Buck is the one working all the angles. Buck, Vin, Ezra, Chris, JD and Casey mostly, though Josiah and Nathan do show up.

Perspectives - Yet another short story, this one in response to the MARCH challenge (the "Keepsake Challenge"). This is a conclusion, of sorts, to a tiny side story in Obsession that, as an Ezra person, always niggled me. It still does, so this may not be my only such "sequel," but it’s a harmless and sort of sweet one. Anyway, this story answers the question: whatever happened to that diamond? Ezra and Josiah.

What's in a Word? - A very short piece in answer to the May challenge. Basically, its Vin and Ezra in a quiet Four Corners, not learning their lessons. Vin and Ezra.

Up The Water Spout - another short piece—no real excuse for this one. Not even sure I wanted to post it, but what the hell. PWP. Ezra gets lost in the desert, and then lost in his own mind. Ezra, Chris and Josiah.

Trouble - a short character piece. Answer to Jen B's August challenge to write a story inspired by a song. This should take place several days following the events in One Day Out West. In other words, the boys are still getting to know each other and the town is still getting to know them.....Ezra and the Seven.

Four Corners of the Ponderosa - Challenge answer to cross the Mag 7 with another Western. I chose Bonanza. Gist is, Chris, Vin, Ezra and Josiah are on the run from corrupt lawmen, and the Ponderosa is their best bet to stay alive. Crossover. Chris, Vin, Ezra, Josiah and the four Cartwrights.

The Ballad of Mr. Mead - Inez and Ezra are awoken by the sounds of someone downstairs in the saloon. Put it this way, it's not the cat. Complete, October 18, 2009. Ezra, a villain, and a dash of Inez, Chris, Josiah and Nathan.

Blood and Water - They say family is everything, that blood is thicker than water. When Nathan gets an unexpected letter from his sisters, he starts to learn what that means. But when the judge gets attacked by a family looking for revenge, it takes on a whole new meaning. Complete, May 23, 2010.

Stargate Atlantis


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