Diana L. Paxson

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Name: Diana L. Paxson
Also Known As: Lady Diana Listmaker
Occupation: writer, artist
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Diana L. Paxson is a writer and artist. When she married Jon DeCles (Marion Zimmer Bradley's "unofficially adopted" brother),[1] she became Bradley's sister-in-law.

Paxon lives at Greyhaven.

Fan Activities

Society for Creative Anachronism

Paxson is a co-founder of the Society for Creative Anachronism.

Guest of Honor

Paxson was the guest of honor at Mythcon XXI in 1990.


Edited or contributed to:


Pro Works

She has written multiple novels and and is a frequent collaborator with other writers. Paxson has written over 70 short stories. Her best-known works are the Westria novels, and the later books in the Avalon series, which she first co-wrote with Marion Zimmer Bradley. After Bradley's death, took over sole authorship of that series.

A bibliography is here. Despite its title: "The Complete, Comprehensive, Chronological List of Publications," it does not list Paxson's fan writing.

The Avalon Series

In collaboration with Marion Zimmer Bradley in the continuation of The Mists of Avalon series:

  • The Forest House (1994) (uncredited) [2]
  • Lady of Avalon (1997) (uncredited)
  • Priestess of Avalon (2000)

As sole author:

  • Ancestors of Avalon (2004)
  • Ravens of Avalon (2007)
  • Sword of Avalon (2009)


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  2. ^ Marion Zimmer Bradley, ed. (1994-08). Sword and Sorceress XI. DAW Books. p. 32. ISBN 0-88677-614-7: "... If you haven't read Diana's other books, look them up in Books in Print: They're good. So good in fact, that when I decided to write the story mentioned at the end of Mists of Avalon about Roman Britain and the Druid priestess Eilan, it was Diana I chose to collaborate with me on it. Because of marketing decisions, Viking decided my name alone would sell better. I'm not sure why but here among friends, so to speak, I'm happy to acknowledge Diana's help and input. It should be out in April 1994; look for The Forest House."