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Title: Sternenkristall
Publisher: Freunde von Darkover, a fan club in Germany
Editor(s): perhaps Petra Dombek, then Stephan Werner and Britta Rutkowski?
Date(s): 1986-1992?
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Original Fiction & Darkover
Language: German
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Sternenkristall is a zine of Original Fiction (fantasy) and non-fiction articles (translations of articles written by Marion Zimmer Bradley about her works). It appears to have contained Darkover fiction until 1992. [1]

This zine was published with MZB's permission.

"Sternenkristall" was published by Freunde von Darkover, and has a sister zine, the newsletter called Relay.

Translated text for Sternenkristall:

These older fanzines contain original fantasy stories because of the huge problems MZB had with an American fan over copyrights. As a result she banned all Darkover fans from publishing their own Darkover stories! Nevertheless, these fanzines still contain very interesting fantasy stories that are well worth reading!” [2]

Issue 1

Sternenkristall 1 contains 62 pages.

cover of issue #1, Peter vom Kothen
  • MZB: "Ten Minutes or So" (also in Contes di Cottman IV #7 and the con program for Darkover Grand Council Meeting 1979) ("It took place in an alternate universe where Dyan decided not to pursue Danilo, but instead responded to the loneliness of Regis Hastur. Regis was a boy struggling with his gayness and unable to recover from an earlier gay relationship. It was clear that Dyan could give Regis the reassurance he needed to banish the guilt and establish a positive identity. Dyan also needed Regis badly. At last, here was a boy who would love Dyan in return. In "Ten Minutes or So" we get a glimpse of Dyan at his best.") [3] It is unclear if this piece is in English or German.
  • Günter Kromer "Die Schneeblume "
  • Birgit Nowsiasz "Liriels Tochter "
  • Susanne Miron "Gabe oder Fluch "
  • Cover: Peter vom Kothen

Issue 2

Sternenkristall 2 contains 48 pages.

cover of issue #2, Andreas Buda
  • Andreas Buda "Zweifache Befreiung"
  • Dietmar Tratley Doehring "Die Qual der Be­wah­rerin"
  • Birgit Nowiasz "Die Freundschaft des Troc­ken­stadters"
  • Daniela Brunner "Ein Meer von unge­weinten Tränen"
  • Christel Scheja "Caellins Entscheidung"
  • Susanne Heß "Leronis"
  • Cover: Andreas Buda

Issue 3

Sternenkristall 3 contains 50 pages.

cover of issue #3, Andreas Buda
  • Kersti Nebelsiek "Aus dem Archiv von Avarra"
  • Andreas Buda "Nebel"
  • Birgit Nowiasz "Mittsommernachtstraum"
  • Beate Rees-Reifenstein "Der Held und die Frauen "
  • Christel Scheja "Freiheit - Um welchen Preis?"
  • Cover: Andreas Buda

Issue 4

Sternenkristall 4 contains 52 pages.

cover of issue #4, Christel Scheja
  • Christel Scheja "Wintersturm"
  • Bettina von Kienle "Konsequenzen "
  • Martina Höfer "Der Hochstand"
  • Uta Nebelsiek "Fehde"
  • Dirk de Lange "Journey behind the barricade "
  • Beate Rees-Reifenstein "Die Auswande­rer "
  • Cover: Christel Scheja

Issue 5

Sternenkristall 5 contains 64 pages.

cover of issue #5, Kersti Nebelsiek
  • Kersti Nebelsiek "Das letzte Jahr des Frie­dens"
  • Cover: Kersti Nebelsiek

Issue 6

Sternenkristall 6 contains 58 pages.

cover of issue #6, Christel Scheja
  • Kersti Nebelsiek "Miacha"
  • Christel Scheja "Das Vermächtnis"
  • Monika Schweitzer "Das verlorene Kind"
  • Katharina Borges "Das Bild"
  • Bettina von Kienle "Maerchen und Wahrheit"
  • Cover: Christel Scheja

Issue 7

Sternenkristall 7 contains 214 pages.

cover of issue #7, Susanne D'Agata
  • Susanne D`Agata "Eduins Fluch"
  • Cover: Susanne D`Agata

Issue 8

Sternenkristall 8 contains 50 pages.

cover of issue #8, Christel Scheja
  • MZB "Was ist eine Kurzgeschichte?" (a reprint of the pamphlet: What is a Short Story)
  • Ingeborg Schröder "Shaya bei den Kat­zenwe­sen "
  • Christel Scheja" Geisterwind"
  • Susanne D`Agata "Sohn des Lichts"
  • Bettina von Kienle "Eine nochmal an­dere Art von Mut"
  • Chris Gast "Auf der Suche"
  • Cover: Christel Scheja

Issue 9

Sternenkristall 9 contains 50 pages.

cover of issue #9, Christel Scheja
  • MZB "Wie man ein Manuskript vorbe­reitet" (a reprint of "How to Prepare a Manuscript” from "The SFWA Handbook", 1976)
  • Kersti Nebelsiek "Des Kampfes dunkler Tanz"
  • Bettina von Kienle "Eine der Mythen"
  • Susanne D`Agata "Überlege, um was Du bittest, es könnte Dir gewährt werden"
  • Martina Höfer "Das Versprechen"
  • Cover: Christel Scheja

Issue 10

Sternenkristall 10 contains 58 pages.

cover of issue #10, Susanne D'Agata
  • Susanne D`Agata "Der erste Turm"
  • Cover: Susanne D`Agata

Issue 11

Sternenkristall 11 contains 50 pages.

cover of issue #11, Christel Scheja
  • MZB "Warum wurde meine Geschichte abge­lehnt?" (the previously printed pamphlet: Why Did My Story Get Rejected)
  • Christel Scheja "Matrixzauber "
  • Kersti Nebelsiek "Der letzte Befehl mei­nes Koe­nigs"
  • Bettina von Kienle "Der zerbrochene Spiegel "
  • Cover: Christel Scheja

Issue 12

Sternenkristall 12 contains 50 pages.

cover of issue #12, Christel Scheja
  • Dorothy Vossen "Silberfell"
  • Bettina von Kienle "Das Ei"
  • Katharina Seidl "Erwachen "
  • Kersti Nebelsiek "Frau mit Kihar"
  • Christel Scheja "Eine Gabe aus Feuer"
  • Anja Kappel "Alanna und Kalur"
  • Anke Ellmann "Ein anderer Grund"
  • Christ Gast "Eine Geistergeschichte"
  • Dietmar Tratley Doehring "Die Verlore­nen"
  • Cover: Christel Scheja

Issue 13

Sternenkristall 13 contains 32 pages. It is a reprint of Costume and Clothing as a Cultural Index on Darkover.

cover of issue #13, Diana L. Paxson

Issue 14

Sternenkristall 14 contains 48 pages.

cover of issue #14, Christel Scheja
  • Kersti Nebelsiek "Geheimnisse"
  • Katharina Seidl "Camilla"
  • Christel Scheja "Die kristallene Gabe"
  • Peter vom Kothen "Der Auftrag des Zaube­rers"
  • Chris Gast "Tobias und Jenny"
  • Christina Uepach "Die Zonenhexe"
  • Anja Kappel "Algidas Stein"
  • Cover: Christel Scheja


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