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Synonyms: bandom cult verse
See also: Alternate Universe, Flesh Mechanic, Shared Universe
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Much of the information on the works and writers in the cultverse shared universe in Bandom has been lost, but there is information in the introduction to the story it's not a fashion statement (it's a fucking deathwish) by orphan_account (the name is the title of a My Chemical Romance song).

So, once upon a time, way back in the olden days of popslash, kel and lise wrote a story about Justin Timberlake and his scary cult called flesh mechanic: not an AU. It creeped the hell out of people and became an instant classic in the fandom.
A couple of years later, many of the people who had originally been into popslash were lured over to the eyeliner-covered, girl-jean-draped emo bandom. One day, gigantic made a post about Patrick Stump's obvious Stockholm Syndrome , and the inevitable comparisons to flesh mechanic were made. And then queenofhell decided to write a snippet. Just one little snippet, about Pete indoctrinating Ryan Ross into his cult, and then it turned into a full-length story called It's Like the Pied Piper (Only It's a Little Bit More Like a Cult). And then that turned into several stories, and then a bunch of other people started writing stories, and now here we are.
The cultverse as it was is both a collaborative universe, and also a bunch of people writing their own stories within a shared concept. There is no real canon--people may be inspired by other people's stories, or reference events in other people's stories, or they might not. Events that happened in one person's stories may not have necessarily happened in someone else's; or, since this is about a bunch of cults, you can look at it with the idea that nobody is telling the full story, and everyone is hiding something from someone.

As of 2017, the master page has been deleted, although the cultverse livejournal community still has about 100 posts. The account was created on 19 May 2007 and the most recent post was on 29 April 2011.

Surviving Works