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Conduit Fic is a term used to describe a fanfiction story which places the male OTP in a threesome with a female character (often an OFC) as a sort of slash encounter with plausible deniability.

The trope may be used in a first time fic as a plot device where one or more of the characters is seen as unwilling to acknowledge their same-sex desires. Some conduit fic is seen as evidence that the author is unwilling to admit to writing slash: the fairness of this characterization is debatable. Some fans deride the trope as an example of misogyny in fandom because they see the female character as being nothing more than a plot device who is discarded once the slash pair are together. Other fans may see the female character as a self-insert. A conduit fic may also be a way of exploring the idea that the characters in a slash pair are bisexual, which allows for integration of canon het pairings into the slash characterization.

Not to be confused with fic about Conduits, the superpowered people from the inFAMOUS series.


The trope may have been named for the Smallville story Cherry Blossom Conduit by Rhiannonhero, although earlier stories certainly used the trope.[1]

The 2006 Stargate Atlantis story Parsus (alternate link) by scribblinlenore is a story in which Teyla actively initiates being a conduit between John and Rodney, who seemingly cannot be together because of John's concerns around DADT.

Another SGA fic (also from 2006 or before), Conduit by chelle, has Elizabeth filling the role of conduit between John and Rodney.

Not Backing Down, a Hawaii Five-0 story from 2016 which has Steve and Danny competing over a girl and accidentally stumbling into a threesome which helps them realize their feelings for each other.


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