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You may be looking for Competition-Set Fic, a trope for fanfics and fanworks which focus on a competition.
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Competition Fic are fanfics and fanworks which act as virtual seasons for the show Total Drama. Some focus on entirely fan-made seasons while others are canon divergent season rewrites. Competition Fic often focuses on the cast from Total Drama: Island (2007), though many blend the casts' together or add an original character into the mix.

Submit Your Own Character fic is similar to Competition Fic, though those are composed entirely of original characters. Because works in this genre seek to create an entire season of the show, nearly all are longfic.

Fanganronpa is a similar genre for Danganronpa fandom. Rewrites for other competition-focused media, such as The Hunger Games, are also similar in concept.

Common Sub-Tropes

  • Shuffled Cast: The cast may be chosen at random from Total Drama's last cast of characters.
  • Canon Divergence: Many have this premise.
  • Massive Multiplayer Crossover: Common on Archive of Our Own while traditional examples are on FanFiction.Net more than other platforms.
  • Side Character Spotlight: Characters which got eliminated early on canonically often get to shine in these fics. Cody and Ezekiel in particular are commonly spotlighted. Spotlighting Cody is somewhat infamous due to the former popularity of Cody Harem fic.
  • Special Logos: Many Competition Fics have their own logos.
  • Character Pairings: Often not the main focus.

Example/Notable Fanworks

Shuffled Cast-type

Canon Divergence-type

Massive Multiplayer Crossover-type

  • Total Drama Island: Multiverse Edition! by StaticShock01, [Unable to archive] With the Total Drama Island proving to be a success around the world, the show gets renewed for another season. And this time the network wants to go big! Multiverse big! 56 contestants! With half chosen by the viewers! Who will come out on top? UPDATE: Season is finished! Poll for favorite challenge is now open!

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