Chris Blenkarn

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Name: Chris Blenkarn
Type: fanfiction, poetry, filks, meta, reviews, zines
Fandoms: Blake's 7, Star Trek: TOS
Communities: Lysator, Space City
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Chris Blenkarn is a Blake's 7 and Star Trek fan, best known for her humorous fanfiction, fan poetry and filks. She was most active in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Most of her work appeared in printzines and is not currently available online. Her nonfiction output includes articles, zine reviews, and hugely detailed convention reports. A few of her essays are archived at's essays page.

Chris is the mistress of pastiche of authors as far apart as Shakespeare, Georgette Heyer and Raymond Chandler. Cami praises the wicked humor and rhyme of the demented author, in a review of her Gilbert and Servalan filks.[1] Chris has been particularly praised for her characterisation of Vila; Sally Manton writes: for my money, she writes the best, the *very* best, voice of Vila Restal I have ever read (and can do it in rhyme, what's more).[2]

Example Fanworks

  • 'Blake's Seven: The Way Forward?' (in Stadler Link). Russ Massey writes: This is a comedy story told by means of excerpts from the diaries of the various 1st season crew, as well as fragments from other documents. Essentially it is a parody of modern management consultancy and their style of training courses. Blake is swept up by enthusiasm for a course in honing his management skills, and tries to put them into practice despite the lack of enthusiasm from the rest. It's funnier than anything in the issue of Bizarro I bought, and I can't say fairer than that.[3]
  • 'Diary of a Rebel Somebody' (in Pressure Point). Sally Manton writes: My absolute favourite was 'Diary of a Rebel Somebody' by Chris Blenkarn, which is gloriously funny even if you don't know the original 'Diary of a Nobody', and absolutely *hysterical* if you do (definitely not to be read in public). Chris cheerfully and whole-heartedly lambasts one of My Heroes (Fearless Leader) and I chortled all the way through.[4]
  • 'Liberator Training Systems plc' (in Gambit 14). Judith Proctor writes: A spoof of all those flash company training courses and their glossy brochures. I found this very amusing, especially the comments by people who had attended the courses. [5]
  • We've Got a Little List (filk in The Gilbert and Servalan Song Book). Based on the Gilbert and Sullivan opera, The Mikado; won a 1999 FanQ Award for Poem/Filk -- Gen[6]



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