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Synonyms: C&D notice, C&D letter, cease & desist, take-down notice
See also: DMCA
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A Cease and Desist (C&D) is a letter demanding that someone stop doing something, or face legal consequences. For fans, this most often means a letter sent by a legal representative of a corporation, demanding that the fan shut down a fan website, remove fanfiction, remove fanvids, remove images, etc., that the corporation believes infringes on its rights.

Since most fans don't have the financial means to risk a court case -- and may well agree that their work was infringing, even if not maliciously meant -- C&Ds are usually obeyed. Fan sites/fanworks come down, either permanently or to be moved quietly to a new location, possibly under a different name.

More recently, U.S. corporations have also begun turning to DMCA notices sent to U.S.-based ISPs and webhosting companies, who are obligated by law to comply and remove or block the "infringing" content without investigating any further -- the default assumption is that any DMCA claim is legitimate. It's then up to the fan to contest the claim (assuming they even find out who submitted it), which again, most fans don't have the resources to do.

Notable C&Ds sent to fans

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Fans Policing Fans

A example of a fan policing their own is at this 2005 discussion: "I just thought that I would let you guys know as well as our dear creator that her characters are being used." I Found Melanie Rawn Fan Fics On The Net, Archived version


There are organizations to help fight inappropriate C&Ds.


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