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Name: RomeoxJuliet
Abbreviation(s): RxJ
Creator: Gonzo
Date(s): April 4, 2007-Sept. 26, 2007
Medium: Anime
Country of Origin: Japan
External Links: Gonzo (Japanese)
RomeoxJuliet promotional image
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RomeoxJuliet is a 24-episode anime retelling of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. It was produced by the company Gonzo. The story was set on a giant island floating in the sky, with the capital of Neo Verona heavily divided between nobility and commoners. Juliet was the only survivor of a Montague coup that killed her whole family; she now disguises herself as a boy to escape detection and to fight for commoners' rights in Robin Hood fashion. Romeo is the son of the usurper, who meets Juliet by accident. Characters from the rest of Shakespeare's plays round out the cast, and the plot is altered dramatically from the original.

Anime Music Videos

RomeoxJuliet is popular among Anime Music Video editors. listed 249 AMVs, including crossovers, as of November 2012.[1] Youtube listed hundreds of vids and lists.[2]

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The English-language fandom for RomeoxJuliet began with fansub groups Shinsen-Subs and Umai, who released it in English. Partway through the release, both groups received Cease & Desist letters from Funimation, an American licensing company acting on behalf of Gonzo.[3]

Hello everyone,

Once again, Shinsen-Subs is in the spotlight of anime companies. Earlier today we have received an e-mail in form of Cease and Desist letter from FUNimation legal department regarding violation of Digital Millenium Copyright Act. GDH K.K. has authorized FUNimation Entertainment to take any such enforcement actions on behalf of GDH K.K. for the purpose of stopping copyright infringement. For those of you that are not really familiar with either of these respective companies, please click this and this link. GDH K.K. owns and controls various exclusive copyrights and trademarks related to the animated motion pictures known as Romeo x Juliet ®. Among the exclusive rights of GDH K.K. are the rights for production and distribution of home videos, DVDs, and other home video formats and devices. FUNimation Entertainment therefore demands that we expeditiously disable all access to said infringing materials.

In the letter that we have received, it is explicitly said that GDH K.K. has authorized FUNimation Entertainment to enforce their rights, therefore do not read this as an implicit announcement of FUNimation Entertainment's licensing of the said property. This is merely one company acting as a legal representative of another. Of course, we have already complied to the requests in the letter and this project is hereby dropped. I hope everyone enjoyed it so far. I would like to thank the RxJ team who worked very hard on this and I would also like to thank everyone who followed us thus far.

To my knowledge this is the first occurence of Japanese company actually sending a C&D during an ongoing anime - MFI issued a C&D for DVD episodes that were fansubbed before the actual release in Japan - so we might see more of this in the future. Let's hope that means more high quality anime from Japan and more high quality translations from your local licensees. [4]

Though Funimation had not yet entered into a licensing deal with Gonzo, Anime News Network reported:

FUNimation said, "…[I]t is important to note that the rights owned by Japanese producers are still applicable, and enforceable, worldwide even before the anime is licensed for local distribution."[5]

Despite the letters and the legal threats implied in them, a third subbing group formed specifically to finish the last three episodes of the series.[6] RomeoxJuliet was not officially released in North America until 2009.[7]


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