Captain Flint/Thomas Hamilton

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Pairing: Captain Flint/Thomas Hamilton
Alternative name(s): FlintHamilton, James McGraw/Thomas Hamilton
Gender category: Slash, M/M
Fandom: Black Sails
Canonical?: Canon
Prevalence: Popular
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Captain Flint/Thomas Hamilton is the popular and canonical slash pairing of James Flint and Thomas Hamilton in the Black Sails fandom.


Thomas Hamilton and James McGraw were in a relationship prior to the beginning of the series. They were also both romantically involved with Miranda Hamilton, Thomas's wife. The discovery of their unconventional relationship lead to James and Miranda fleeing England, and McGraw taking on the name James Flint upon their arrival on New Providence Island. They are lead to believe that Thomas has died in prison.

Throughout the four seasons, Flint's grief at losing Thomas is a powerful motivator, encouraging him to wage war against the British Empire and prove that the pirates of Nassau can be self sufficient and respectable. It was Thomas's dream to give pardons to the pirates, and Flint wants to honor his memory.

The only people who know about Flint's relationship with Thomas are Miranda Barlow, formerly Hamilton, who was there for the events, and John Silver, who Flint confides in.


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Despite the lack of screen time their relationship is given, Captain Flint/Thomas Hamilton is the second most popular pairing within this fandom. [1]

Possibly due to the prevalence of polyamory in canon, threesome pairings involving both of these characters are common. Most common pairings include Captain Flint/Thomas Hamilton/John Silver and the canonical Miranda Barlow/Captain Flint/Thomas Hamilton.

Flint Hamilton Appreciation Week

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  1. Based on number of works on Ao3 as of 29/12/2017; Captain Flint/John Silver (1096), Captain Flint/Thomas Hamilton (670), Miranda Barlow/Captain Flint/Thomas Hamilton (162)