Miranda Barlow

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Name: Miranda Barlow, formerly Lady Miranda Hamilton
Relationships: Thomas Hamilton (Husband)
Fandom: Black Sails
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Miranda Barlow is also a fictional character in Starz's TV series Black Sails, played by Louise Barnes.


Miranda is initially a mysterious resident of Nassau island, who has a close connection to Captain Flint. Flint often brings her books acquired on his voyages, and Miranda cares for him when he is injured.

In flashbacks, we learn that Miranda Barlow, fled London with Captain Flint after he was revealed to be her lover and the lover of her husband Thomas Hamilton. James took the name Flint and Miranda adopted the name Mrs. Barlow.

Miranda is portrayed as the voice of reason, the only person Captain Flint listens to. She was the person who urged him to seek vengeance for Thomas. She convinces him to seek a peaceful solution with England, but their decision to travel to Charlestown leads to Miranda's murder. She comes to agree with Flint's desire for revenge after learning that Thomas was betrayed, but is shot and killed after expressing so.

After her death, Miranda appears as a ghost, haunting Captain Flint as he seeks his vengeance.


Fans were generally unhappy when her arc was halted by her death.

Common Pairings

Miranda is most commonly paired with Captain Flint or Thomas Hamilton.

The threesome pairing of Miranda Barlow/Captain Flint/Thomas Hamilton is also common and their relationship is canon in the show. She is often a supporting character in Captain Flint/Thomas Hamilton works and is paired platonically with both.



  • Devoted by Fyre, Miranda Hamilton loved her husband very much.
  • Thereto I plight thee my troth by azarias, Thomas consults Miranda on the subject of his military liaison. Sexily.
  • Full of Grace by DreamingPagan, "They are taking them. The thought penetrates Miranda’s mind - cuts through the haze and the panic and the horror that she feels at the sight of James’ limp form being carried out the door, his bare feet dragging, eyes closed, blood still welling from the scrapes he’s received during his short-lived bid for freedom. They are taking Thomas and James away from her. Or: Alfred orders both Thomas and James to be taken to Bedlam. Miranda is left to rescue them with the aid of Admiral Hennessey."



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