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Title: Bunkies
Author(s): L.A. Adolf
Date(s): April 1979
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Wars
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Bunkies is a gen Star Wars story by L.A. Adolf.

illo by the author for the story as it appeared in Against the Sith.

In it, Luke and Han must share a bed for the night when no double accommodation is available: "Pulling off the second boot, Luke reached for the buckle on Han's belt, opened it, and unbuckling the leg strap of the blaster holster, pulled Han's weapon away from his hip. "Better men than you have died for less," Han commented darkly, not moving from the prostrate position in which he’d found himself.

Fan Comments

"Bunkies"—It's comforting to know that even super-heroes can be annoying in bed. Beferring to sleeping habits, that is.[1]
"Bunkies" is just the thing a very short story should be; short and to-the-point. Also Lisa seems to have a very firm grip on her characters. [2]
"Bunkies" was cute—poor Han![3]
Lisa Adolf's "Bunkies" left me in stitches! Funny, funny, funny![4]
"Bunkies" was cute, fun and otherwise I really enjoyed it.[5]
"Bunkies" was grand. I felt so sorry for Han, trying to get some sleep but being pestered so he couldn't— even after Luke went to sleep! Having lived in barracks and had the same problem, I can sympathize whole heartedly.[6]


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