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Name: Brit Con
Dates: May 24-26, 2013
Frequency: once
Location: DoubleTree Park Place, in St. Louis Park, MN, USA
Focus: British Science-Fiction, Fantasy & Folklore in Movies, Media & Literature
Founder: con chair for 2013 is Patricia Taylor
Founding Date:
URL: website
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Brit Con


Brit Con is the only three day event of its kind dedicated to celebrate BRITISH Science-Fiction, Fantasy & Folklore in Movies, Media & Literature exclusively! It's held near Minneapolis, MN (not in the UK!) by a clever bunch of Yanks who are active in the Twin Cities' Science-Fiction & Fantasy community.

We'll have presentations & panel discussions on a broad range of SF&F topics in British media and literature, complemented by a video room screening the rarely-seen and fondly-remembered. A masquerade, vendor room and those ubiquitous parties round out the things you can enjoy at Brit Con. Plus a few surprises...

Our interests range from Hammer Horror to Harry Potter; Thunderbirds to Torchwood; Primeval to The Prisoner; J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis' Mythopoeic to Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman's more modernistic works; Folklore spanning Classic (King Arthur from mythology to Monty Python, and Robin Hood) to Contemporary (the spy-fi of James Bond and Harry Palmer in film, Spooks/MI-5 and The Avengers on the telly, with Danger Man & Danger Mouse for good measure along with the many incarnations of Sherlock Holmes and, of course, Dr. Who) and so much more from "across the pond"!

You'll be gobsmacked by the jolly good time you'll have! [1]


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