Blue Milk Special

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Fan Comic
Title: Blue Milk Special
Artist: Leanne Hannah and Rod William Hannah
First Published: February 2, 2009
Medium: Webcomic
Genre/Style: Parody
Fandom: Star Wars
External Links: Official site
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Blue Milk Special is an online Star Wars parody fancomic by Leanne Hannah and Rod William Hannah. Beginning with A New Hope, he comic runs scene-by-scene through the original trilogy, The Star Wars Holiday Special and Legends tie-in novels, including Splinter of the Mind's Eye, Shadows of the Empire and Heir to the Empire.

Although the comics closely follow canon, the creators have also introduced their own spin on the material: Biggs Darklighter and Oola survive, Leia Organa is frequently seen smoking, etc.

Since the comic's debut in 20019, it has consistently been listed on, reaching the Top 10 for the first time in September 2012.[1]

There is also a four-episode behind the scenes podcast.


The webcomic launched on February 2, 2009, with three hundred comics already scripted.[2]

Remember when Luke Skywalker is having dinner with Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru? There’s a jug of blue liquid on the table. This blue liquid has since become known as “blue milk”. There’s also a production still of Aunt Beru holding some, see the photo on the left. Blue milk is one of those obscure pieces of trivia from the original Star Wars movie and seemed the perfect source for the title of our Star Wars parody webcomic.[3]

Parallels with Family Guy

Since we started getting noticed we have often been compared to the Family Guy and Robot Chicken Star Wars parodies. It seems unecessary to have to address this at all, particularly as in many ways we preceded or were running parallel to the Star Wars parodies aired on Fox and Cartoon Network. However, there was an occasion where we were attacked in our comment thread by fans of Family Guy for what one guy felt was a stolen gag. It was a simple case of a similar sense of humor, but it left a bitter feeling for me. BMS is a fan project and any costs come directly out of Leanne’s and my own day job paycheck. We invest an enormous amount of time into something that can never be of financial reward to us. We are all working from the same source material and so occasionally we might cross into similar territory but there is never any conscious plagiarism, just as I am sure Family Guy and Robot Chicken work hard not to copy one another. Blue Milk Special doesn’t always have an easy task in trying to find new twists on such well parodied material. Ultimately, we are a webcomic. There really is no reason to compare us to Network animated shows although I will take it as a compliment anyway.[4]