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Name: Blond & Blonde
Date(s): 10 February 2003 - present
(last updated February 2004)
Archivist: Xandria
Founder: Xandria
Type: Lucius/Narcissa fanfiction, fanart, and essays
Fandom: Harry Potter
blondandblonde at Yahoo! Groups
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Blond & Blonde is a Harry Potter archive for fanworks featuring Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy. It is primarily a Lucius/Narcissa archive, but also accepts works in which Lucius or Narcissa are paired with another character as long as Lucius/Narcissa is not "portrayed within a highly abusive relationship."[1]

Screencap of the intro page, taken Sept. 2012.

The site was created by Xandria on February 10, 2003,[2] and a mailing list through Yahoo! Groups was created shortly thereafter.[3] The archive has not been updated since February 14, 2004,[2] but remains accessible online. Both the archive and the mailing list require readers to be over 18 and warn for potentially offensive material such as slash, polygamy, incest, and other "controversial subject matter."[4]

Blond & Blonde is a member of the Potterfic Alliance.


Blond & Blonde archives 18 stories by 14 authors. Notable stories include:

Archived fanfiction is either Lucius/Narcissa or features Lucius and Narcissa as main characters. The site allows stories that include Lucius or Narcissa in relationships with other characters, or that depict Lucius and Narcissa in a marriage of convenience or separated as long as their relationship is not portrayed as "highly abusive".[1]

The site does not impose limitations on genre, rating, or content, and "incest, chan, BDSM, fetish, violence etc. is all permissible." However, stories must be deemed "well written" at the discretion of the webmistress in order to be hosted.[5]

Fanart & Graphics

Blond & Blonde accepts "all types of artwork,"[6] including drawings, comics, and photo manipulations.[1] It allows all ratings and genres as long as the work features Lucius or Narcissa. However, the work may not depict the Lucius/Narcissa relationship as abusive, though "BDSM is completely acceptable."[6] The site hosts fanart by eight different artists.

Graphics can also be found on the site's "Miscellaneous" page, which includes wallpapers, badges, WinAmp Skins, bookmarks, and icons.

Other Content

Blond & Blonde also has a page for "Dissertations", intended for "general commentary regarding the characterization of Lucius and Narcissa either as individuals or within the confines of their relationship between one another and others," though it would not accept flames or "outright condemnation" of Lucius/Narcissa.[1] However, only a single essay is hosted, a response to Order of the Phoenix by Adolfa entitled "The Family Black (Narcissa, Sirius et al) and the Family Malfoy".[7]

The site also has a links page, which contains banners to link back to Blond & Blonde as well as links to sites "of possible interest to Blond & Blonde visitors."[8]


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