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Name: Big Big Bang
Date(s): 2011-2012
Founder: deadflowers5
Type: Big Bang
Fandom: multifandom
Associated Community: big_bigbang (Livejournal); archive link
URL: Masterpost 2011
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Big Big Bang is a multifandom big bang for stories with a word count of 40,000 or more.

As the title says for us the size matter. This BIG big bang is when authors and artists come together to work on a complete 40,000+ fic. The authors first have to provide a rough draft and a summary, and then the artists claim a fic and do a minimum of TWO pieces of custom art for it (art can be banner/header, fanmix, fan video, icon, wallpaper, or any other form as long as it connected to the chosen fic). The fics and art are then posted to the community for everyone to enjoy. All pairings, and fic types are welcome. You can write or do art for any het, gen, slash or RPF story in any fandom. We doesn't exclude anything, as long as it comes with a propper warning. Come and join us!

The author sign ups open June 1, posting starts November 23.

Masterlist 2011

Falling Slowly by melonbutterfly

Artist: tularia
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Rating: R
Length: 39.323
Warnings: none
Summary: Things proceed a little different than planned for the Expedition when they find the city of the Ancients already somewhat occupied. By mermaids. Rodney especially doesn't expect one of those mermaids (mermen?) to fixate on him of all people.

Fear of Flying by violetknights

Fandom: CWRPS / Criminal Minds crossover
Rating: NC17
Warning:Violence, rape, minor character death
Word Count: 58k
Summary: A serial killer is targeting male college students in Portland. Can the BAU stop him before he kills his latest victim? How will the fallout from this crime spree affect those left behind in its wake? This is the darkest fic I've ever written. In places it is hard and cruel and brutal. It contains some of my own story and maybe some of yours as well. It is a story of suffering and pain but ultimately it is a story of hope. It is a story of bravery and courage and redemption. "Lose an hour, gain an hour. This is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time . . . If you wake up at a different time, in a different place, could you wake up as a different person?" (Fight Club)

The Guardian: The Apocalypse by kateyes085

Artist: reapertownusa
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Overall, cursing, the usual, blood, guts and mayhem. Eventual heterosexual relationship. There will be underlying religious and occult themes throughout; no offense is intended towards anyone’s particular belief system. Some liberties have been taken with storylines, mythological and religious information.
Word Count: 43,333
Summary: Where do you go when all the demons in Hell and all the angels and Heaven are after you? Home. Or the closest thing Dean Winchester ever knew to being a home as a child.

Sins of the Father by sparrowshellcat

Artist: liliaeth
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: R
Warning: Violence
Word Count: 40324
Summary: Children are going missing across the country, with no trace, and no evidence of where they went. Sam and Dean don't really think it's much of a hunt, but Bobby is convinced it is, so they go out to investigate. There is literally no evidence, so they're pretty convinced that he's wrong, until they realize that they know the mothers of each of the missing children. Biblically. Which is when they discover what happens when a pissed off arch-angel becomes determined to have vessels for Michael and Lucifer available at any costs, and skips back in time to mess with birth control.

Soraya Didn't Have To Deal With This by melonbutterfly

Artist: bibi_bloom
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Rating: NC17
Length: 39.804
Warnings: none
Summary: Prince John of America doesn't exactly plan on becoming one half of the most kitschy, dramatic romance of the 20th century. He also doesn't really figure out that that's what's going on until King Rodney, somewhat dramatically, renounces the throne of Canada and manoeuvres John's father into happily agreeing to marry his spare heir off to a man. And then there's the part where John suddenly gets stationed on the most exciting base ever.

We Walk Between The Worlds by yanzadracan

Artist: tiggeratl1
Fandom: KANE RPS Historical AU
Rating: R
Warning: Implied non-con, torture and adult situations
Word Count: 44,486
Summary: When highway men leave a Donna Ackles pregnant and widowed, she stumbles onto a band of Cherokee. Adopted into the tribe and married to one of their healers, she begins a new life. Life is good for Jensen ‘Crow Fox’ Ackles and his family until the passing of the Indian Removal Act and the Trail Where We Cried.

When Lies Become the Truth by wincest_whore

Artist: tiggeratl1
Fandom: CW RPS AU
Rating: NC-17
Warning: bottom!Jared, swearing, rape/non-con, slash, h/c, violence
Word Count: 58,112 words
Summary: When Jared’s long term boyfriend takes him to an expensive restaurant Jared is hoping he’ll finally propose. Turns out his boyfriend is seeing someone else and wanted to ‘break it to Jared gently.’ To make matters worse, their gorgeous green-eyed waiter overhears everything and after his now ex leaves, offers to call Jared a cab home. Next day Jared gets a call from the restaurant to say he left his wallet and reluctantly Jared goes to pick it up, dreading seeing the kind eyed waiter again. However, it turns out the waiter wanted to see Jared because he knows exactly what Jared is going through. The guy Jared’s boyfriend was cheating on him with? That was his boyfriend. The waiter – Jensen, suggests a little revenge might be in order, after all they’ve been used and lied to, and how freaked out would their ex’s be if they were suddenly ‘together’ too? Jensen’s plan is simple – pretend to be in a relationship and show their ex’s what they are missing by acting totally in love with each other. Of course the old saying about ‘best laid plans’ comes true when Jensen and Jared start falling for each other for real, and their ex’s are not happy.