Barry Allen/Leonard Snart/Iris West

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Pairing: Barry Allen/Leonard Snart/Iris West
Alternative name(s): Coldwestallen
Gender category: Threesome, M/M/F
Fandom: The Flash (CW) (Arrowverse)
Canonical?: non-canon
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Barry/Leonard/Iris is a threesome pairing of Barry Allen (Flash), his canonical love interest Iris West and antagonist Leonard Snart (Captain Cold) in the CW's The Flash fandom.



On The Flash (CW), all three characters only shared screen time twice. During episode 2x09 Running to Stand Still when Leonard Snart came to the West residence to warn Barry Allen about Weather Wizard's and Trickster's plan to kill the Flash, Snart exchanged semi-hostile banter with both Barry and Iris, acknowledging that he was reading and enjoying Iris's journalistic output. In episode 3x22 Infantino Street, after Snart had already died in the present, Barry travelled back in time to enlist the help of a past version of Snart in order to help him break into A.R.G.U.S. and steal a weapon to help save Iris's life from Savitar. Uncharacteristically, Snart didn't ask for anything in exchange for his help. Iris and Barry both emphasised that they trusted him, regardless of their past encounters.


The threesome pairing of Barry Allen, Iris West and Leonard Snart is known by the name smoosh Coldwestallen. For many shippers, it branches off the popular Barry Allen/Leonard Snart (Coldflash) pairing by acknowledging and not wanting to break up Barry's canonical relationship and marriage with Iris. Some Coldwestallen fanfiction however also focuses on the Leonard Snart/Iris West (Coldwest) angle of the threesome instead, exploring their similarities despite their differences in morals.

A lot of the fanfiction are Canon Divergence AUs or Fix-it fics, assuming Snart's death on Legends of Tomorrow never happened or having him come to life afterwards.

It's the second most popular threesome ship in The Flash (CW) fandom, after Barry Allen/Mick Rory/Leonard Snart (Coldflashwave).

The pairing also appears in the Legends of Tomorrow section of the fandom.





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