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Author(s): PoseidonsUnderpants
Date(s): August 2, 2020 - August 18, 2020
Length: 33 words
Genre: N/A, advertisement
Fandom: 방탄소년단/Bangtan Boys/BTS, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling, Teen Wolf (TV), DCU, Star Wars - All Media Types, 僕のヒーローアカデミア/Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia, Naruto, Haikyuu!!, Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime), Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms, Marvel, Doctor Who, Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Related Fandoms - All Media Types, Voltron: Legendary Defender, Supernatural, One Piece
External Links: Original Tweet (deleted) joonados (Author's Twitter), PJMV95 (Author of Original Tweet)
The tweet that launched the work to controversy.

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On August 8th, 2020, Archive of Our Own user PoseidonsUnderpants published a work titled “BTS NEW SINGLE “DYNAMITE” OUT FRIDAY 21ST AUGUST”.

The author tagged the work as “방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS”, but also tagged 18 of the most popular fandoms on the Archive’s website. This includes the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Harry Potter, Star Wars - All Media Types, 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia, and more. The work itself only contained the release date and the link to pre-save BTS’s single “Dynamite” on Spotify.

The work sparked controversy after a tweet went viral including screenshots of the work, which was up for less than 48 hours before its deletion.

As of August 21, 2020, 13 days after being posted, the work has been taken down from the archive.

Full Work

BTS Fic Controversy.png

On August 18th, the work was edited to include the following:

edit: if you're going to come here to complain, you might as well do yourself a favour and check out the teaser here. ( will 100% make you less miserable.

Twitter Controversy

On August 2, 6:00 p.m., the original author of the work AKA twitter user @joonandos (display name alice⁷), tweeted this:

i revived my old ao3 account for promo purposes youre welcome everyone 🙏 🧨 #BTS_Dynamitesource: PoseidonsUnderpants / @joonados

The tweet included a screenshot of the work as seen when posted to a tag, as well as a screenshot of the work text when clicked on.

The work itself question generated a large response on August 17th, 8:30 a.m., when twitter user @PJMV95 posted a now-defunct tweet about the work. (See image in infobox.)

@PJMV95's tweet included a screenshot of a different user's tweet which was complaining about the work with the screenname censored:

was peacefully scrolling thru ao3 for fics and some weirdo tagged like 20 fandoms and had 'stop reading fuckers get ready to stream bts dynamite!!' how about i punch you repeatedlysource: anonymous twitter user

It also included a screenshot of the work. @PJMV95 captioned the images "IM SCRESMINWVSJD".

On August 18th, 11:15 a.m., the tweet reached 7.5k retweets and comments as well as 26.4k likes. The replies to the original post varied greatly from amusement, praise, annoyance, and anger. Eventually the author of the work replied to the tweet.

omg thats me i got so many angry repliesPoseidonsUnderpants / joonados

Some found the work funny and responded light-heartedly. Many supported them whole-heartedly.

Even further still, many users found it irritating of the author, stating things along the line of ‘this is why BTS army gets such a bad rep’. Many users pointed out that it broke the archives Terms of Service agreement.

Twitter user @verylimeade wrote this reply to their tweet:

As it deserves angry replies. AO3 is not the place to do this shit. You've done nothing but make ARMY look disingenuous and given people a reason to hate both ARMY and BTS. This isn't "genius" it's the moronic and disrespectful. Be a better ARMY.@verylimeade on Twitter

On the other hand, many people called the original author ‘a legend’, saying ‘you forgot your crown queen’, ‘thank you for your hard work’, ‘we stan’, and other praises. many of the comments were other BTS fan accounts saying it was a new and ingenious promotional method, and that they would be following suit.

Many duplicate or similar style promotional works (many fandoms tagged, only consists of commercial links) have already appeared on the BTS Ao3 page. [1][2][3]

Eventually, Twitter user @squishybunny129 replied with a short thread addressing twitter’s response to the work.

Hi OP, this is probably getting drowned in the comments and replies but I feel like this needs to be said because holy shit there's way too many people thinking this is cool. And it's not. And that's primarily because Ao3's tag wranglers, i.e. the people who clear up tags

And keep it tidy so that when you're on a 3am binge of fics you're not exposed to things you didn't sign up for, are volunteers. They do this entirely for free and on their own time. So as basic courtesy in fanfiction spaces, if you're too young or new to it, we try to tag right

If by any chance there's a slip the volunteers clear it up. However when you clog the searches with things that are clearly spam and clearly violate ao3 terms of service, you create extra work for them. So when others put it out there for people who are not aware of how ao3 works

they think this is ingenious and queen shit when it's really not and it's a genuinely shitty thing to do to the people volunteering at ao3 and the users on it. Ao3 isn't some big faceless company you can troll, it's a fandom space for fans powered by fans. Please respect it.

I also just wanted to add, because I didn't think this would blow up the way it has, don't harass op. That's not the point. This was written to tell people why spamming ao3 tags isn't okay at all. And I stand by that statement.@squishybunny on Twitter

@PJMV95 quote-retweeted the tweet. @joonandos then replied to the thread:

around August 18, 5:00 p.m., @PJMV95 quote-retweeted the original tweet before deleting it:

man I will miss the 2seconds of fame but I hate how this escalated so much@PJMV95
Why did you delete tho :(reply by @streambtssongs
people started disrespecting ao3 guidelines/community and I don't endorse that. a joke is a joke, but this just grew out of hand.reply by @PJMV95

Violation of Archive of Our Own's TOS

This work is a violation of Archive of Our Own's Terms of Service, more specifically Part I: General Principles, Section D 'What You Can't Do':

5. to make available any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising (defined as solicitations for direct or indirect commercial advantage), junk mail, spam, chain letters, pyramid schemes, or any other form of solicitation;Ao3's Terms of Service

Further Response on Twitter

Replies to Original Tweet (deleted)(sourced from google cache)


Replies to joonados's Reply to the Original Tweet

because its called spam and clogs up the results of 20 different fandoms????? You really expected to not get angry comments??? this isn't "legendary" this is just annoying and bothersome@yilinglaozu_txt
The amount of people saying this is queen shit behavior is also alarming, please respect ao3 as a fandom space - it's already gone through a lot recently with the xiao zhan incident please respect itreply by @pager875
yeah, this needs to be addressed now, or soon enough will be a trend and the tagging system will be f*cked and affect, specially, new fics and fic authorsreply by @yilinglaozu_txt
You are doing god’s work and by that I mean the Tannies. Today I’ve tagged like 40 BTS MVs, Jeffrey Star’s new Makeup launch (also out 21st) and Arianators version of charts data. Sp*m tf outta anywhere remotely relevant and f the grumps. You nice keep going!@theonebriarrose
Please don’t do this. One fic is fun. But making multiple spams will make the ao3 volunteers’ work harder for something they don’t get paid for. Besides, if promoting bts is your goal, this won’t help@yoonjinsins
I wonder when you'll realise that there are literally hundreds of fandoms you could be ruining the space for. You disrespect people's hard work to keep ao3 running. It's more than just k-pop.@damnlemonade
i saw an opportunity to be annoying and i took itreply by @joonados (the original author of the work)
AO3 is a nonprofit organisation and doesn't allow advertising on their website. If they get in trouble because people keep spamming their website with promotional links, it'll be your fault because you think it's funnyreply by @paindechat
You did what had to be done bub 💜 Btw you should've tagged one piece too. It has a hUGE fandom Victory hand@hopeological
edit tags 🏃‍♀️@joonados (the original author of the work)
No don't do that! What's wrong with you? Please look up the history of ao3 and why it's such a great space, WHY RUIN IT FOR OTHER FANDOMS? Also please look up what happened to a celebrity named xiao zhan. Overstepping fan boundaries is NEVER A GOOD IDEA. I beg of you please@cr0b1n

Response on Ao3

Bitch wtf I came here to read some PJO fanfics and i saw this

Don’t get me wrong I’m an army but like why post this, I understand posting it in the bts tag but not in the others fandoms

You need to chill a little, I understand the excitement for the comeback but please don’tguest user Ñaña
just scroll past it its not that deepreply by jjeoram
Yeah, we know it's not that big of an issue. (at least for this one)

But i'm hoping that people doesn't abuse the tagging system in any platform. If one person did it, other people might start doing the same thing as they see this as a great idea to promote like they're doing the god's work. Later the fandom tag will filled with irrelevant things & make it hard to find actual good contents

This does not just apply to ao3, but any other platform too. Sorry if i sounded harsh, have a nice day ❤️reply by guest user unknown
It kind of is though. This is the sort of thing that makes other fandoms and purple not even into kpop hate ARMY and kpop fans. This gives the rest of us a bad name and we already have enough problems in our fandom without bs like this. Period. I had hoped that this would you know, be an actual story or something cute. Nit blatant disrespect for both fans and Bangtan.reply by DarkBalance
You should do this again but only with bts ships and xreader, avoid tagging other fandoms bc they get triggered so easily jfjdbns but yes! Stream Dynamite coming out August 21st!!! And Stan BTSFxrnxndx18
It’s not a graphic rape scene, it’s one line of text that is easily scrolled past just saying the title and release date of a song, what on earth would be triggering about that?reply by FThotBitchgerald (sugoiberry)
the way i'm gonna "translate" a bts interview into something anti-chinese and post it all over weibo if you armies don't stop being so fucking annoying on every goddamn site...guest user yellow fever
So like, lash out at ARMY, not BTS?? That’s like someone cutting you off in traffic and you going and punching your barista in the face, you weirdo. Also, it’s got less than 400 hits, y’all will be fine, just keep scrolling.reply by FThotBitchgerald (sugoiberry)
omg.. imagine being this jobless woahreply by Taehyung Kim
spamming the archive with what is essentially an advertisement violates the TOS and undermines the purpose of the archive. i love bts too, but as you can already see, this is likely pissing more people off than making them consider listening to bts.monbon
Some people in these comments need to learn that you can’t let every small thing on the internet bother you.

If it’s something triggering, sure.

But this is one line of text you could easily scroll past and get on with your fic reading and day and life.

Instead, everyone has blown this up, and it’ll get traffic. I would’ve had no idea this was even a thing, despite being practically plugged into all things BTS/ARMY/Ao3. I learned about it through twitter by people complaining.

You’re shooting yourself in the foot.FThotBitchgerald (sugoiberry)
r/whooshguest user Yikes
Yeah i agree. But also hoping that people doesn't abuse the tagging system in any platform. If one person did it, other people might start doing the same thing as they see this as a great idea to promote. Later the fandom tag will filled with irrelevant things & make it hard to find good contentsreply by guest user Unknown
For all the angry people in the comments its really not that deep, all you have to do is scroll past it. if something as minor as this gets you angry then you have anger issues and should get some help💜💜Joonsmoons
So many pressed salty bitches in the reply. Anyways, pre-save, stream and buy dynamite. Also read this how to stream and buy correctly - btscomebackhelp.carrd.coiv2495
why the fuck would you tag fandoms that have nothing to do with your fucking band. como decimos en chileno... gringa ql, metete en lo tuyo o andate a la csmMarauder Girl
i hope ao3 mods nuke your account as well as those who did the same. i'm an army, but this is disrupting and annoying. And you've violated the ToS of this site by advertising and false-tagging, I hope you're aware of the consequences. This will encourage others to do the same. Just because you don't think this is serious or it's a joke, people come here to read and escape from stan twt—imagine seeing an advertisement just like yours done by some other fandom when all you wanted to do was find something to read.guest user promote anywhere but ao3 please
I was going to report this, but it looks like so many people already did that I can't anymoreguest user take this down 4 ur own good <3
^^^ i tried and it said "too many people reported this link" or something like that.reply by JelloSkeppy
While I understand being excited about whatever whatever kpop schtick, we would rather not seeing any irrelevant 'fics' or works that have absolutely no business being in our fandom tags, being in our fandom tags. AO3's extensive tagging system is very, very well done and convenient, but clutter like this is just blatant disrespect towards fans of other fandoms, the content creators who's works get drowned out, and to the tag wranglers and AO3 staff. It's a shame this has been reported so many times I can't report it ^w^OHai_Here
I know you adore this band of yours and that you want to share and celebrate their achievements. But I really want to get across that this might not be the most appropriate way of doing so on AO3. I know that I can scroll past, but at the same time I want you to understand that this joke of yours bumped people's work off the first page, not only in your fandom but in the numerous fandoms that were tagged.

Regardless of what you think of the quality or content of the works, they are writers who put in effort into creating stories to share in their respective fandoms for other fans. Kudos, comments, and bookmarks are typically the things their audience give back as a thank you for taking the time to make something. When a story is bumped to the second page the feedback from readers can slow down. Some of the fandoms that have been tagged are fast moving too and so a fic can be pushed to the third or fourth page rather quickly. This lack of feedback can be demoralizing for writers who feel like they've just wasted their time.

Since your joke post is actually against the TOS, it will probably be taken down, but it might take a while since AO3 has like a 3000 ticket backlog for their support shift through. It takes a while since volunteers have to carefully sift through each ticket, unlike other sites. However, the writers who posted around the time you made your joke can't exactly get back the lost potential feedback. That's why some people are upset, your joke came across as disrespectful towards other fans' time.

Since your tweets went viral, I also worry that there might be copycats who think it'll be fun to spam promos and exacerbate issues I pointed out. AO3 is an archive, a space for creative works, not a social media platform to promote your faves. Please keep that in mind.Scylla Hollow
As an Army I'm just gonna say you're being a real piece of shit for this. People are trying to tell you why its wrong on twitter just for you to say 'you don't care' makes you a real asshole. I've seen MANY people say they're turned away from BTS because of behavior like this so stop this because you're not accomplishing anything. BTS would not be happy at allMangobunn
Lmao I love bts but like do you guys realize that doing shit like this makes people not want to support and hate our fandom even more not the other way around?diorseoo
Congratulations! You've solidified my decision to never listen to anything from BTS by doing this.Hashire
Ok??? Who asked you?reply by passingstar

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