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Synonyms: TOS, term of service
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Terms of Service or TOS are the legal requirements for use of a web site or other service. They tend to be long and written in legalese, therefore most users just click their acceptance and go on their way.

OTW Terms of Service

Fanlore has Fanlore:Terms of Service covering original content, public domain content, other content, user accounts and information collected.

Archive Of Our Own TOS covers General Principles, Age Policy, Privacy Policy, Content and Abuse Policies, Assorted Specialized Policies

Terms of Service and Fandom

Site Terms of Service are very important to fandom because they define, among other things

  • whether fanworks can be posted at all
  • specific limits such as whether explicit, slash or kink fanworks are allowed
  • country or entity whose laws apply to the site
  • who owns copyright to fanworks once posted, which is vital in questions of Fandom and Profit
  • abuse policies

To be TOSsed is to have one's service agreement terminated due to a Terms Of Service violation.

Terms of Service Controversies

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