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Synonyms: ToSS'ed, TOSed
See also: gafiate
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To be TOSsed, or TOSed, is to have one's service agreement terminated due to a Terms Of Service violation. Generally, this is used when a person is suddenly ejected from a social networking site or web hosting service, rather than when someone has their phone cut off.

Notable TOSings

Some TOSings have been highly controversial.


  • In 1998, AOL TOSed all of a fan's X-Files websites. See REGARDING XAPEN: IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ!.
  • In 1998, changed its Terms of Service on its unlimited bandwidth/unlimited diskspace accounts, stating that any users in the top 5% of bandwidth or diskspace usage would be charged an abusive user fee of $150/month on top of the account fee or their accounts would be terminated. Many fan fiction archives, including Gossamer; fannish review sites; and fannish discussion sites found themselves placed in the abusive user category and ended up having their Simplenet accounts shut down.


  • In 2001, the free web hosting service Tripod shut down several fannish sites (as well as anti-Malaysian-government sites) without warning.[1]
  • In 2003, Fandom Wank was TOSed from LiveJournal, prompting its move (after several interim hosts) to JournalFen, where it became one of the new service's first communities.[2]
  • Since 2003, many stories have been removed from due to explicit content. This often leads to wank.
  • The two waves of journal suspensions on LiveJournal in 2007 now known as Strikethrough and Boldthrough were controversial among fans, in part because it was not clear in advance that LiveJournal's TOS prohibited the material for which users were suspended.
  • In 2009 the popular community Scans_Daily was TOSsed from Livejournal, eventually finding a new home on Dreamwidth.


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