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Title: Animazine
Publisher: Polaris Press (the first two), Gator Tail Press (the third one)
Editor(s): Ann C. Malcolm and Lorraine Bartlett
Date(s): late 1980s, early 1990
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Animazine is a gen multifandom anthology of fiction from animated series. The editors promised it would be "absolutely, positively, 100% Smurf-free."

A flyer said that it was: "Not a comic book, but full-length stories with some art. (Rated PG-13)."

Issue 1

Animazine 1 contains 126 pages.

a flyer for issue #1
  • Why Adults Watch Cartoons by SuzAnne Grenci (article) (4)
  • The Wedding by Kimberly Ann Kindya (After millions of years, it's the big day for the Autobot's leader, Optimus Prime, and fembot Elita-One. That is until Starscream and the Decepticons gate-crash the party.) (Transformers) (6)
  • Incredibly Bad Thundercats Jokes by Anne Tenna & Justa Twitte (Thundercats) (25)
  • The Dark Beast Within by Anne C. Malcolm (Against his better judgment, Tygra ignores the warning signs and soon a madness seizes Lion-O. His prey is Cheetara, who finds herself in a race to save her own life and the Lord of the Thundercats.) (Thundercats) (26)
  • A Walk in the Woods by Lorraine Bartlett (A stroll near the Haunted Forest turns to tragedy for Prince Adam and Cringer when they stumble across an outlaw trapper) (Masters of the Universe) (56)
  • Defender by CarolMel Ambassador (Jonny Quest) (92)
  • Night of the Flying Serpent by Lee Shackleford (In the ancient city of Teotihuacan, Jonny and Hadji elude security officers to watch an Aztec ceremony up close. But when the human sacrifice turns out to be real, they find themselves kidnapped and trapped inside the ancient stone temple. Are they the next victims?) (Jonny Quest) (93)
  • Opponent by CarolMel Ambassador (Jonny Quest) (124)


  • Frank Solomon (front cover)
  • Kimberly Ann Kindya
  • Ann Larimer
  • Ann Malcolm
  • Lee Shackleford (back cover)

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Frank Solomon
a flyer for issue #2

Animazine 2 was published in 1989 and contains 164 pages.

  • Generation by Susan M. Garrett (On Earth, Harlock and a confused Daiba make a strange visit a to a graffiti-scarred monument.) (Captain Harlock) (7)
  • Not the Saturday Morning Line-up by Anne Tenna multimedia) (10)
  • Choices by Lorraine Bartlett (An unpopular decision made by King Randor changes the lives of everyone at Palace Eternia, made more complicated by the untimely arrival of Adam's cousin, and an insidious evil which seems to permeate the palace.) (Masters of the Universe) (11)
  • Kree Fox by Alexandra Jones (Starscream encounters one of the enigmatic Kree fembot warriors in a haughty challenge to battle. Neither realize how much their chance meeting will change the course of their lives.) (Transformers) (72)
  • Electrofox by Alexandra Jones (Transformers) (78)
  • A Cage with Gold Bars by Anne C. Malcolm (When Lion-O and Tygra are abducted from Third Earth, they're labeled as exotic pets and must deal with treachery, deception, and an unscrupulous owner. The path to freedom crumbles further as a daring rescue attempt by Cheetara, Pumyra and Panthro leaves the future of the Thundercats looking very bleak.) (Thundercats) (80)
  • Incredibly Bad Thundercats Jokes by Anne Tenna (Thundercats) (163)


  • Frank Solomon (front and back covers)
  • Vixen
  • Anne C. Malcolm
  • Dave Merrill

Issue 3

Animazine 3 was published in Spring 1990.

  • Once in a Blue Moon by Janice Smith (The Real Ghostbusters) (21 pages)
  • Spirit Fire by Anne C. Malcolm (Mumm-Ra has big plans for the new Thundercat-cub. Jaga's connection to the Thundercat Lord is explained.)
  • Silverwing and Brighsteel by Kimberly Ann Kindya (Transformers)
  • other unknown content

Issue 4

Animazine 4

  • Merry Christmas, Peter by Sheila Paulson (Real Ghostbusters) (8 pages)
  • Aftermath by Anne C. Malcolm (It's Bengali's & Pumyra's bonding ceremony. However Barthaz interrupts the festivities in a final bid to take the power of the Thundercats. Will it cost Cheetara her life? This is the last story I wrote concerning our feline heroes.)
  • other unknown content

Other Content in "Amimazine"

The author's website says these four stories appear in "Amimazine" but does not specify which issues, mostly likely #3 and #4.

  • In the Eye of the Sword by Anne C. Malcolm (WilyKit, WilyKat and Lion-O are ambushed by the Lunataks. Alluro almost succeeds in taking the power of Sword, but the Eye takes drastic measures to protect the secrets of the Thundercats powers. Will Lion-O survive?)
  • A Place of Shadows by Anne C. Malcolm (A dangerous adventure on New ThunDERa. Tygra has a lot to deal with concerning the ladies of his past. Special Thanks!! to Julie for the introduction of Tygreia and the pantheon of ancients.)