Ana Jarvis/Edwin Jarvis

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Pairing: Ana Jarvis / Edwin Jarvis
Alternative name(s): Ana/Edwin, The Jarves
Gender category: M/F
Fandom: Agent Carter, Marvel Cinematic Universe
Canonical?: yes
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Ana Jarvis/Edwin Jarvis is a canonical het pairing in the Agent Carter fandom. A fannish name for the married couple is The Jarves.


Ana did not appear in season 1 of Agent Carter.

Ana is Hungarian and Jewish. They met when Edwin was in Hungary with the British military during the War. Edwin tried to get papers to get Ana and her parents out of Hungary, but his superior officer refused. Edwin forged the superior officer's signature on the papers, was caught, and charged with treason. Howard Stark stepped in and got Edwin out of the treason charge, and Ana out of Hungary, but wasn't able to get Ana's parents. They moved to New York City so Edwin could take up a position as Howard's butler.

When Ana finally appeared onscreen in season 2, the first interactions fans saw were very affectionate and teasing. This is entirely in keeping with s1ep01, when Edwin says to Peggy, "Call me any time before nine." (What happens at nine? she asks.) "My wife and I go to bed."


Common Tropes and Genres

Fanon and Themes

  • Ana and Edwin act as surrogate parents for Tony Stark.


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