All the Earth Awaits Thee

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Title: All the Earth Awaits Thee
Author(s): portraitofafool
Date(s): 01 December 2011
Length: 33,814 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
External Links: All the Earth Awaits Thee (LJ)

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All the Earth Awaits Thee is a Steve/Danny story by portraitofafool.

Summary: Steve knows all about war and willpower, but this is the hardest battle he’s ever had to fight.

The story is listed at "Taka's McDanno Rec List" under "Angst".[1]

Recs and Reviews

Why we love it: Written for h50_exchange this is an incredibly compelling read. There is no sugar coating on this one but it is an honest, heartfelt story of struggle against illness as well as the strength to be gained from the people who love you. The characterizations were spot-on and aside from the premise these are the guys we know from the show. This is definitely a well written and completely engaging story[2]
All the Earth Awaits Thee by Portrait_of_a_Fool is a McDanno AU fic. The boys are already in a relationship when the fic starts out and one of the things I really like about this fic is there is no relationship drama. There is other drama, other problems, but the boys relationship is rock solid throughout this fic and I really dig that. This fic deals with Steve getting sick, as in cancer sick, and all the trials that go with something like that happening. Cancer is a little bit of a hard subject to deal with for me for personal reasons but this fic handles the whole thing very well and very realistically. One of the things I’ve found about Portrait_of_a_Fool is that the author is very detail oriented and those little details really make the story complete and three-dimensional. Over all it’s a sweet story, if a bit sad, and I really enjoyed the fic a lot.[3]
this made me bawl like a baby, because this particular situation hits very close to home. It’s an amazing read[1]


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