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Name: portraitofafool
Alias(es): Portrait_of_a_Fool
Type: fanwriter
Fandoms: Hawaii Five-0, Supernatural, Person of Interest, The Following, MCU, Grimm, Hannibal, Falling Skies
Communities: h50_fic (moderator), 221b_baker_str (co-moderator), carrollism (co-moderator)
URL: Portrait_of_a_Fool at AO3
portraitofafool at LiveJournal
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portraitofafool is a fanfiction writer who has been active in Hawaii-Five-0, Supernatural and other fandoms. His stories often deal with topics such as angst, h/c, death, torture and violence, abuse, fetishes/kinks or BDSM.


I am a shipper although I’m a very open-minded shipper. Meaning, I have my preferred pairings, but occasionally I may deviate from them to try something new. I will also read damn near anything in any fandom so long as it’s a good story.


I love music and I don’t mean that lightly—I’m obsessed with it, it’s a huge part of my life and has been since I was a kid. You may occasionally find me squeeing about a particular band or even a specific song from time to time. I also like poetry and digital art, you may find poems or art posted here, but those occasions will be extremely rare most likely.

My other love is werewolves. Yes, you read that right, werewolves. I talk about them once in a while and even less frequently, I write stories with them in it. You will find that I hate vampires with a vehemence that’s bordering on a bit unhinged. You will not change my mind on this [...] If any of that is a problem for you then you really don’t need to be here. I feel it’s best to be up front about that. If, however, we can agree to disagree then awesome and perhaps somewhere in there we can find mutual interests/common ground.[1]


Portraitofafool ​​have the fanfiction masterlist in their LiveJournal account.[2]

Hawaii Five-0

  • All the Earth Awaits Thee - Steve knows all about war and willpower, but this is the hardest battle he’s ever had to fight. (Steve/Danny, 2011)
  • Around and Back Again - Steve kneels alone in the dark, waiting for Danny to give him what he needs. (Steve/Danny, 2010)
  • The Blood and Love Theory - It started as a theory, a curiosity Danny wanted to explore further and something he could do for Steve because he seemed to need it. Then Danny started to need it, too. (Steve/Danny, 2011)
  • How to Move in Silence - No matter what he may think, Steve isn't alone in this and he's not the burden he thinks he's become. He just needs to be convinced of that. Steve/Danny (2011)
  • Stumbling Down the Yellow Brick Road - When Steve was seventeen, he got a crush on a boy in his class. Then for seventeen years after that, he put that side of himself away and hid it so well he nearly forgot about it. Then Danny came along and messed up the neat little world Steve had created and somewhere in the middle of his snark and bad eating habits, Steve screwed around and fell in love with him.[3] Steve/Danny (2010)
  • Where the World Drops Off - After a car accident leaves Steve with no memory at all, he has to rebuild his life one step at a time with a little help from his friends along the way. (Steve/Danny, 2010)


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