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You may be looking for Abode of Strife, a Star Trek zine.
Title: Abode of Strife Who
Date(s): 1989-1992 or 1995
Series?: yes
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Doctor Who
Language: English
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cover of issue #1, Lucy Synk

Abode of Strife Who is a gen Doctor Who fiction anthology. There are two issues.

Issue 1

Abode of Strife Who 1 contains 60 pages and has a color cover by Lucy Synk. It was published in 1989. It has material by Melody Rondeau, Teri Sarick Overstreet, Teegar, Young, and others. It includes the postscript to ST: TNG's "Deja Q."

A 1992 ad in Zine Scene: "Several children are transported into a non-existent realm and the Doctor must save them; Bob & Doug MacKenzie review Dr. Who; post-'Deja Q' item in which Q finds himself aboard the TARDIS; more."

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Abode of Strife Who 2 contains 70 pages. It has a color cover by Lucy Synk. It has 21 stories, poems, and non-fiction. It was published between 1992 and 1995.

According to Media Monitor, the second issue "contains a pair of stories by Autumn Lee: the Doctor visits a wayside bar that his future self had visited in the past, and once again is off on an adventure; the Master is put in his place by a companion in a story by Julie Jay, and more material by CarolMel Ambassador, Teri Sarick, Melissa Mastoris, others. Art by Denise Loague, Gennie Summers, Robert Jan and others. Full color cover by Lucy Synk."

  • Turnabout by Autumn Lee (Fourth Doctor)
  • Payment in Full by Autumn Lee (Fifth Doctor)
  • Rescue by CarolMel Ambassador (Fourth Doctor)
  • Masterplan by Julie Jay (the Master)
  • art & poetry