25 Days of Reddie

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Name: 25 Days of Reddie
Founder: Arya Silvertongue
Fandom: IT
Associated Community:
URL: Masterpost, Archived version & at AO3, Archived version
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25 Days of Reddie was a challenge put together by Arya Silvertongue on Tumblr. It was a compilation of quote-based prompts designed to inspire the creation of Reddie fanworks.

Confusion and Lost Posts

The posts introducing the challenge seem to have been deleted, or non-existent.

Though Arya stated that anyone could participate in the challenge, it is unclear if there actually were other participants. The tag on Tumblr consists of more posts than just Arya's, but they are linked to other challenges of a different name, or seem to be tied to uncorrelated prompts. (For example, these posts, Archived version by BeachBlonded, previously known as Homodnp.)


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