Yet Shall He Live

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Yet Shall He Live
Author(s): Alexis Fegan Black
Date(s): 1979
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Yet Shall He Live is a Kirk/Spock story by Alexis Fegan Black.

art for this story in Naked Times #3, by Merle Decker

It was published in the print zines Naked Times #3 and K/S Collected.

Reactions and Reviews

Also liked 'Yet Shall He Live.' That's the kind of perfect ending to have -- immortality for Kirk, Spock, and McCoy -- and McCoy got it first and didn't even know it. Makes one a bit uneasy about the the future though, shades of 'The Fate of the Phoenix'! [1]
Kirk tells McCoy about his experiences on that planet. Kirk believes Spock is still alive as an android. McCoy finds the argument impossible to believe, but Kirk goes back anyway. What a powerful and romantic scene as they finally meet and Spock places his fingers on Kirk's face. This kind of writing and story-telling just sweeps me up in its vision - I love the portrayal of K and S as romantic heroes - destined to love each other and filled with the strength of their feelings. Also, these early works certainly hold up over time - these are not dated stories that one shakes ones head at their lack of sophistication. They are wonderfully moving vignettes, pieced together to form a lovely collection, it's a dark vision, however, emotionally satisfying, but not ponderous or overwhelming. And then, in what I fully reveal, K and S have the chance to live for an eternity and have their love forever. [2]


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