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Name: Bryn Lantry
Alias(es): xBryn, Faux Pas
Type: Fan Writer
Fandoms: Blake's 7
URL: B7 stories by Bryn Lantry
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An Australian writer of Blake's 7 fanfiction, whose first stories were published in early British zines such as E-Man-Uelle and "touched". She was active in the 1980s-90s.

Bryn Lantry focused on Blake/Avon slash. She also wrote gen and femslash.

Her Fiction

She wrote the novels Puppeteer (slash) and Derelicts (gen) and had a strong interest in poetry.

She was also the author of the early Blake/Avon story In Porphyry.

An unprinted 30,000 word story from the 90s was put online in 2012, 'The Fall of Central' (Blake/Avon, Jenna/Servalan).

Most works now archived at Archive of Our Own, with a few notes from Bryn on how she saw them then or sees them now.

Bryn is now writing Mongolian History RPF, sharing fic on AO3 inspired by (or outtakes from) her own pro novels. The first of these fics is 'Love and Conquest at the Gates of Samarkand'.

Comments by Fans

Unknown Date

An excellent although somewhat literary writer. The less-educated tend to remark Where Does She Get All Them Funny Words, but she's one of my favourites.

Can be impressively angsty or occasionally extremely funny.

Seems to be writing less (and less explicit) slash... [1]

xBryn has a very individual writing style and doesn't believe in making life too easy for the reader. You've got to think about what is going on and to work things out for yourself, on occasion. The characters are complex, their motivations are complex and often multi-layered. (Judith Proctor describing Derelicts)[2]


Her prose is not as good as her poetry, but that is because her poetry is so lovely. [3]


Bryn Lantry's early stuff wasn't bad, but she lost me when she swallowed a dictionary, and put lavish absurdities in the mouths of Blake and Avon. IMO, a crisp, sharp style is best suited to B7, especially when it comes to dialogue. Like everything, it's a balancing: just as you can be too extravagant, you can also skimp too much. Good writing is choosing the exact right words, no more or less. Everything else is smoke and mirrors. Exposition should be kept to a minimum, too. I do get weary of writers telling me what's going on, explaining the character's motivation. Cut to the chase— we'll figure it out. [4]

Bryn Lantry, there is an author who puts words together like I like, and interprets the characters the way I see them, or recreates them in such a way that I like them even better. Her Blake usually has a wonderful sense of humor and wonder. "Puppeteer" is one of my all time favorites, for characterization, plot and style. [5]

My favorite Bryn Lantry story is an early one, something like "In Porophria." I read it in "touched" years ago, but can't find it around anywhere now, so will not swear to the accuracy of the title. Anyway it had Avon tracking Blake down in a gay bar, with mutually pleasing results, and little of Bryn's OTT style. [6]


Bryn Lantry writes the only Blake I have ever found completely adorable - like a really good teddy-bear. [7]


... one of the few writers whose slash fiction I ever found readable, and I always enjoyed [her] work. :-) [8]

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