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Name: Winterfox
Alias(es): Requires Hate, Benjanun Sriduangkaew (pro SF name), pyrofennec, acrackedmoon, and others
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Winterfox was a rage blogger who used many pseuds and sockpuppets. In online fandom circles, she is generally considered to be a bully.

She ran the blog "requires only that you hate" from 2011 to 2013 under the "winterfox" pseud. Around the same time, she started writing professionally under the name Benjanun Sriduangkaew. The connection between the two pseuds started to be circulated in 2014[1] and was ultimately stated publicly by her friend Nick Mamatas in October[2][3][4]. In November 2014, Laura J. Mixon posted an expose to her blog about winterfox's behavior harassing other fans and sf writers; A Report on Damage Done by One Individual Under Several Names won the author a Hugo Award. Winterfox continues to write under her profic name.

After Mamatas outed her, she posted an apology on the requires hate blog where she stated:

I was an asshole for years and said a lot of crap I regret, only I wasn’t big enough to own up to it and apologize then. It’s a huge accumulation of being shitty, I hurt a lot of people. I’m sorry I didn’t grow up and learn better sooner. I toned down as the years went by, but in the process of that I should have made apologies as I went along, not waited until the end. Unfair yes, shitty yes. Because I was an asshole who just didn’t want to admit she was wrong.[5]

Other fans say that she continued to behave badly after this apology, and the apology is not widely believed.[citation needed]

Sridauangkew and her friends allege that an ongoing campaign of outing followed the publishing of A Report on Damage Done by One Individual Under Several Names, which "has seen wide support from Laura J. Mixon and Teresa Nielsen Hayden, among others."[6] Other fans take issue with this characterization[7][citation needed], especially since Mamatas had already revealed her identity before the report came out.

In June 2020, YA/SFF novelist Rin Chupeco wrote a public Twitter thread identifying Chupeco as a past target of harassment from Requires Hate/Winterfox. [8]

In November 2022, Sridauangkew implicitly encouraged her Twitter followers to DDOS a Mastodon instance run by a Twitter user who had disagreed with her.[9]

In August 2023, Sriduangkaew described women who enjoy M/M as "slobbering dogs,"[10] but took a more positive stance on men enjoying F/F, since there was a chance they could turn out to be trans women.[11]

Sriduangkaew has criticized Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura for their depictions of problematic relationship tropes. She has volunteered Gunsmith Cats as an alternative:

Occasionally think about how one of the very first lesbian characters I ever encountered was in Gunsmith Cats. She's tall, broad-shouldered, an expert martial artist, and keeps a harem of nubile girls whom she hypnotizes with drugs into her sex slaves and assassins. This turned out far more formative for me than Sailor Uranus and Neptune. :p

benjanun_s on Twitter, March 10 2023

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