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Title: Who's Blake
Publisher: Pot-Pourri & Apathy Productions
Editor(s): see below
Date(s): 1987-1989
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Who's Blake is a gen anthology that ran for four issues and was published in Canada. It became the zine Sherwood Tunnels after issue #4.

cover of issue #1, Donna Paton
flyer illustrating the bridge that was the title change of this zine

Variations in the Title

  • Who's? Blake
  • Who's/Blake
  • Who's Blake

Issue 1

Who's Blake 1 was published in February 1987 and contains 104 pages. The front cover is by Donna Paton. It was edited by Dianne M. Smith, with Ellen Squires, Barbara Reeves, and Rebecca Reeves.

  • Rebecca Reeves, "Interlude" (Blake's 7)
  • Rebecca Reeves, "The Way Out" (Blake's 7)
  • David E. Hume, "Memories Betrayed" (Blake's 7)
  • Rebecca and Barbara Reeves, "Video Listing: Alice in Wonderland/Alice through the Looking Glass" (B7-DW cast list, non-fiction)
  • Vicki Harrison, "B7 Filksongs" (performed by Travis & the Mutoids at Scorpio IV, August 1986) (Blake's 7)
  • "Black Leather Boots" (filk) (Blake's 7)
  • "Federation Rock" (filk) (Blake's 7); later reprinted in Hip Deep in Heroes (zine)
  • "Wooden Heart" (filk) (Blake's 7)
  • "The BBC" (filk) (Blake's 7); later reprinted in Hip Deep in Heroes (zine)
  • "Are You Lonesome Roj Blake" (filk) (Blake's 7); later reprinted in Hip Deep in Heroes (zine)
  • Doctor Who content

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

I've had #1 for several years now, and a very nice zine it is. I was hoping to find cheap used copies of the later issues, but they've never turned up. So I finally sprang for expensive new reprint issues from the Rondeaus. It was worth it just to satisfy my curiousity, even though there's only a little B7 in the later issues, and some of it I already had in other zines.

In general, #1 is the best for B7 fans. After that, the editorial team split up; Rebecca Reeves went on to do her own excellent all- B7 zine, Input, and Dianne Smith, now the sole editor, discovered "Beauty and the Beast," leading to a change in emphasis and eventually a change in title for her multimedia zine.

As far as I know there is no B7 content in issues #7 and #8, but I haven't actually seen them.

That leaves three of the Blake's Seven Re-Release series still unaccounted for: Blind, The Crucible's Flame (aka "The Crucible"), and Waves (aka Waves upon a Mirrored Surface, Waves upon a Reflected Surface; however, this is not the same as the story "Reflections: The Mirror's Image" in B7 Complex #15). Yes, Linda has been asked about the stories; she says they were in multimedia zines around ten years ago, but she doesn't remember which zines, and she lost her trib copies in a fire a while ago.

If anyone happens on the zines in which these stories were originally printed, please let me know! I'm also looking for the zine that had a story by Jean Curley, "And All They Had Left Were Empty Gestures." I've got a photocopy of the story, clearly from a zine, but I don't know which zine. [1] [2]

Issue 2

front cover of issue #2
back cover of issue #2, Jeanette Carnell

Who's Blake 2 was edited by Dianne M. Smith. It was published in 1988 and contains 206 pages. Some of the Beauty and the Beast stories are continued in Sherwood Tunnels.

The front cover is by Julie Edwards. The back cover by Jeanette Carnell. The interior art is by David Summers, Barry Tomlinson, Jeanette Carnell, Janet P. Reedman, Brock H. Smith, Julie Edwards, Cynthia Case, Leah Rosenthal, Lynee Alisse Witten, Martin Proctor, and Jenni.

From the editorial:

Greetings and welcome to "Who's?/Blake 2". Sorry for the delay in getting this issue out... It's been... what? A year! - oh dear! As you may have noticed this issue is a real bumper crop, twice the size of last time and a total free-for-all!

Like many other hot blooded women across North America a strange occurrence happened to me... it was sometime in Sept 87. I turned on the telly, actually I was just flipping through the stations trying to find something worth viewing. It was a Friday ... 8 o'clock in the evening. 'Once upon a time in New York' played across the TV screen. About 20 minutes later I phoned my sister and screamed into her fragile ear, "Are you 'Watching THAT Show!" She did her best to calm me down... unsatisfactorily, I might add. And like they say, the rest is history. Every Friday night at 8 pm between Sept and March a hush came over my house. It was like Time stood still. My children (and my darling husband) learned very quickly that death to anyone who disturbed mom during 'Beauty & the Beast'. Sigh .... And that is the real reason this issue became Multi media.

I do hope the variety of worlds within these pages make you sad, happy, confused and just plain amused! Thank you everyone who came to my plea and submitted all these wonderful\magically realities. Without your imagination and talent this issue just wouldn't be!
  • Genesis of the Doctor by Edith Louck (Doctor Who) (1)
  • Precious Little Earth by Corinne Lewandowski (9)
  • Shore Leave by Edith Louck (Star Trek: TOS) (10)
  • Sounds by Paulie Kay (Blake's 7) (12)
  • Following the Path by Janet P. Reedman (Robin of Sherwood) (13)
  • In Nottingham's Dungeons by Janet P. Reedman (Robin of Sherwood) (14)
  • Castle Krrasts by Corinee Lewandowski (14)
  • Lady of the Circle by Janet P. Reedman (Robin of Sherwood) (15)
  • Lord of the Trees by Janet P. Reedman (Robin of Sherwood) (31)
  • Silent Death by Dianne M. Smith (Beauty and the Beast) (32)
  • Expressing by Janet P. Reedman (Robin of Sherwood) (51)
  • Just Desserts, poem by Teresa Ward (Blake's 7) (53)
  • First Impressions, poem by Teresa Ward (Blake's 7) (53)
  • Ramblings, poem by Teresa Ward (Blake's 7) (53)
  • Time Again by E.A. Mundell (Blake's 7) (54)
  • Lonely Space by Corinne Lewandowski (Blake's 7) (54)
  • Wonderland by Claudia B. (Beauty and the Beast)
  • Childish Dreams by Linda A Knights (Beauty and the Beast)
  • Christmas Presence by Claudia B. (Beauty and the Beast)
  • Colors by Paulie Kay (Blake's 7) (poem) (57)
  • Wanted Poster (Blake's 7 art portrays Travis) (58)
  • Enchanted Forest by Janet P. Reedman (Robin of Sherwood) (77)
  • The One Who Changed it All by Kathy Jentz (Beauty and the Beast) (83)
  • After the Fall by Claudia Bertrand (Robin of Sherwood) (84)
  • After the Rumours by Linda A. Knights (Blake's 7) (106)
  • Do You by Alyns Lawchilde (Blake's 7) (poem) (109)
  • Childish Dreams by Linda A. Knights (Beauty and the Beast) (111)
  • The Rose by B.H. Smith (Beauty and the Beast) (135)
  • Full Circle by E.A. Mundell (Blake's 7) reprinted from The System #1 (136)
  • I Want Louie by Teri Sarick (137)
  • Once Upon a Time by Dianne Smith (138)
  • Dr. Who & the Dust Master by Dr. Blake Sherwood (139)
  • Slyvester [sic] McCoy Interview by Rebecca Reeves (Doctor Who) ("Slyvester McCoy, the seventh actor chosen to portray the Doctor in Television's long running Doctor Who, made a brief, unscheduled visit to Blaine, Washington on September 12, 1987. Along with several members of the Canadian press, I had the honour of talking with Slyvester , only a matter of days after his first on-air appearance as the newest Doctor. I would like to thank Slyvester for his time, and thank KVOS-TV of Bellinghall, Washington for arranging this unique experience. - - Rebecca Reeves") (145)
  • Was It or Wasn't It? by Paulie Kay (Blake's 7) (153)
  • 101 Uses for Tribbles (158)
  • Knight Errands by Teresa Sarick (The Professionals) (160)
  • Christmas Presence by Claudia Bertrand (Beauty and the Beast) (164)
  • Questions in the Night by Kathy Jentz (Beauty and the Beast) (189)
  • The Golden Cup by Janet P. Reedman (Robin of Sherwood) (190)
  • Fandom Dictionary (While it says "Dictionary," it was probably meant to be "Directory," as in the other issues of "Who's Blake?" This is a list of actors and fan club addresses) (205)

Issue 3

front cover of issue #3
back cover of issue #3

Who's Blake 3 was edited by Dianne M. Smith. It was published in September 1989 and contains 190 pages. Loxley & Herne cover by Arlene G. Some of the Beauty and the Beast stories are continued in Sherwood Tunnels.

The art is by Julie Edwards, Arlene Gogan, Jeanette Carnell, Ann Stratton, Sheila Paulson, Nancy L. Freeman, Janet P. Reedman, Denyse Bridger, David Summers, Tore Saterdal, and Donna Barr.

From the editor:

This fanzine is dedicated to my family and friends who encourage me with my writing, faulted as it may be, and are always there to lend a hand in regard to my obsession. Not a eye bats when I get lost in Sherwood Forest, the tunnels of NY or the other worlds I tend to disappear into now and then. Thank you [B], (my husband) -- [T] & [K] for allowing mommy the time to produce this magazine when I should be spending the time with you -- Thank you for not letting the dishes pile up.

This magazine is also dedicated to my Mother, who is one special woman, thank you for always being there.
Also from the editorial:

Greetings, and welcome to issue 3 of 'Who's?/Blake'. I feel a bit like the story-teller of old -- sharing with you these wonderful stories. New faces and the return of many of my friends from past issues. I also hope you like the new look with the reduced type, the concentration of Beauty &the Beast and Robin of Sherwood fiction and of course the addition of colour covers.

To the contents: from the inner world under New York with Claudia Bertrand's unusual fantasy, Edith Louck's warm love story, and the beginning of an intriguing series by Sherry Sanfilippo. You will see a lot.more of Vincent's Pride in future issues of Who's?/Blake.

From the tunnels you enter Sherwood Forest with Janet P. Reedman and Julie Phipps. Both ladies produce ROS fanzines of their own which I heartedly recommend ... Legend and Silver Arrow. Also Denyse Bridger's ROS trilogy which begins in this issue and continues in issue 4. Then we return to the present with Jackie Marshall and her Pulaski story; Jackie produces many zines of her own •.. Queen Bat, Rat's Tales and Fenris -- all a good read. Then to ~he future with Paulie Kay and the Liberator crew and last but not least another tale of wid and wisdom from the mysterious Dr. Blake Sherwod. Art by Ann Straton, Sheila Paulson, Nancy Freeman, Denyse Bridger, Julie Edwards and Jeanette Carnell. A special mention to Arlene Gogan who painted this beautiful cover and the photographs in both this issue and the next among other pictures.

Enough of my ramblings... please enjoy the read and see you again in 1990.
  • Birth of a Legend, fiction by Janet P. Reedman (Robin of Sherwood) (1)
  • The Saxon's Hope, poem by Janet P. Reedman (Robin of Sherwood) (8)
  • Of Castles and Dreams, fiction by Edith Louck (Beauty and the Beast) (9)
  • Forced Hand -- Vincent's Pride, fiction by Sherry Ann Sanfillippo (Beauty and the Beast) (18)
  • Night Hawks, fiction by Jackie Marshall (Pulaski) (36)
  • To Build a Keep, fiction by Janet P. Reedman (Robin of Sherwood) (65)
  • Castles in the Sky, fiction by Dianne M. Smith (Beauty and the Beast) (76)
  • Afternoon Reflection, fiction by Kathy Jentz (Beauty and the Beast) (82)
  • Vincent, thoughts on loving him, fiction by Denyse Bridger (84)
  • Rose Crystal Buddha, fiction by Dr. Blake Sherwood (Doctor Who) (86)
  • Green Eyes -- Vincent's Pride, fiction by Sherry Anne Sanfillippo (Beauty and the Beast) (95)
  • Wheels of Fate, fiction by Julie Phipps & Janet P. Reedman (Robin of Sherwood) (105)
  • Transgression: Interlude, fiction by Denyse Bridger (Robin of Sherwood) (115)
  • Sir Guy, poem by Erenelle (131)
  • Transgression Pt. 2: Masque, fiction by Denyse Bridger (Robin of Sherwood) (continuing the adventures of Erenelle) (132)
  • interview with Ray Winstone (May 1989) conducted by: Dianne m. Smith, Janet P. Reedman & Janise Stauber. (Will Scarlette of Robin of Sherwood) (157)
  • Butterfly, fiction by Paulie Kay (Blake's 7) (160)
  • Obsession, fiction by Claudia Bertrand (Beauty and the Beast) (169)
  • Vincent's Ode to Aloneness, The Hallowed Knight, poems by Kathleen Hall (181)
  • "Funnies" (cartoons) by William R. Warren, Nancy L. Freeman, and Ann Stratton

Issue 4

Who's Blake 4 was published in September 1989 and contains 175 pages.

It was was edited by Dianne M. Smith. Front color cover by Gail Butler. The back cover is by J.A. Gogan.

The interior art is by Barb Johnson, Nancy Louise Freeman, Julie Edwards, Denyse Bridger, Arlene Gogan, Janet P. Reedman, Ann Stratton, Jeanette Carnell, and Kevin Hopins.

cover of issue #4
back cover of issue #4, J.A. Gogan
frontispiece for issue #4
From the editorial:

Hello and thank you for picking up this fanzine. It's issue 4 already! Time just flies by when you're having such fun. Sometimes I just don't believe that I am still doing this. I am hoping to get issue 5 out to you by late winter, if you are wanting to summit [?], please do so by December.

You may have noticed that have made a few minor changes since last we met. I have reduced the print slightly which I hope won't make the zine harder to read. Even though the page count is less the content is more. I had a choice with these two issues, increase the price further or reduce the size... I also recently got a new printer, better and clearer than the old dot matrix. I also changed to colour covers and the insertion of the photograph. Please let me know what you think? At the back of the zine are addresses for a few of the artists, all are available for custom work and I am sure will have any illustration, seen in this zine available as prints. If you would like to connect any of the others artists (or writers) please write care of my address.

To the matter at hand, the zine. Some new names..and old friends. Sheila Paulson, a familiar name to the Blake 7 fans. I thinks she did a lovely job of blending these two different worlds and characters. Sherry Anne Sanfillippo is writing this amazing and grand series set in the B&TB world. I think you will grow as fond of these special people as we all feel about Vincent. Nancy Louise Freeman gave us the vision to see how Glitz and Mel are doing. I really don't know about the Doctor leaving these two together. The greatest team since Rocky and Bullwinkle! Laurie Ather is new to writing but I think we will be seeing more of her in the near future. Writing is very stressful and it takes guts to send that first story out... rejection is a crusher, but on the other hand to see that first story in print is a feeling like no other. Kimberli Dorris's story is not the usual fare for W\B but her use of imagery caught my eye. And last but not least of the first time writers is Denyse Bridger. Part three of Transgression is included within. Denyse's use of magic and strong characters will simply take you away. and for once it was nice to see a story about Sir Guy of Gisburne where he stayed in character. Guy is a mean SOB and let's not kid ourselves.

A few old souls are back. Janet P. Reedman, Claudia Bertrand and yours truly. Art ... welcome aboard Barb Johnson, Ann Stratton, Kevin Hopins and everyone else.

All and all I think you will really enjoy reading this issue. Please savour it and I will try to get another issue out to you ASAP.

Thank you my 'friends.
  • A Stitch in Time by Sheila Paulson (Beauty and the Beast/Blake's 7), reprinted in Airwaves #23 and Airwaves Blake's Seven Special #3 (1)
  • poem by Janet P. Reedman (Robin of Sherwood) (31)
  • Knight Errands by Janet P. Reedman (Robin of Sherwood) (32)
  • poem by Janet P. Reedman (Robin of Sherwood) (44)
  • poem by Sharon Campbell (44)
  • cartoon by Nancy Freeman (45)
  • One Dream to Live By by Claudia Bertrand (Beauty and the Beast) (46)
  • poem by David Cavangh (58)
  • poem by Denyse Bridger (59)
  • Jessie (Vincent's Pride) by Sherry Ann Sanfillippo (Beauty and the Beast) (60)
  • poem by Elizabeth Hillman (76)
  • A Bit of the 1, 2, 3 by Nancy Louise Freeman (Doctor Who) (78)
  • poem by Elizabeth Hillman (85)
  • Old Endings, New Beginnings by Laurie Ather (Beauty and the Beast) (86)
  • poem by David Cavangh (102)
  • Illusion, vignette by Janet P. Reedman (Robin of Sherwood) (103)
  • poem by Janet P. Reedman (Robin of Sherwood) (108)
  • Aurora by Dianne M. Smith (Beauty and the Beast) (109)
  • poem by Teri Sarick (114)
  • cartoon by William R. Warren (115)
  • poem by Sherry Ann Sanfillippo (116)
  • The Light at the End of the Night by Kimberli Dorris (Beauty and the Beast) (117)
  • Princesses (Vincent's Pride) by Sherry Ann Sanfillippo (Beauty and the Beast) (121)
  • Transgression Pt. 3: Finale by Denyse Bridger (Robin of Sherwood) (continuing the adventures of Erenelle) (141)
  • cartoon by Nancy Freeman (174)


  1. The zine she is looking for is Council Log #7.
  2. by Sarah Thompson at Judith Proctor's Blake's 7 site