Where Are They Now: Pat Stall

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Title: Where Are They Now: Pat Stall
Creator: Linda Frankel
Date(s): 1988
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
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Where Are They Now: Pat Stall is a 1988 essay by Linda Frankel. The subject is fan Pat Stall.

It was published in On the Double #9 and is part of a series "of articles about people who used to be prominent in K/S fandom, but are no longer active." The very short-lived series was popular. One fan said: "I loved the "Where Are They Now" article. MORE, MORE, MORE! If they know we miss them, maybe they'll come back!" [1]

Some Topics Discussed

The Essay

This artist no longer participates in K/S for reasons of conscience. She believes that it would be wrong. In a letter, Pat told me that five years ago cancer was spreading throughout her body, and she was given six months to live. Then she re-discovered her Catholic faith. The strength of her belief enabled her to survive. Many people who have been struck with cancer have gone into remission because of their strong commitment to religion. The phenomenon is widely documented. Truly heartfelt prayer can pull you through cancer. Pat remains committed to her religion. She deeply regrets her participation in K/S because of a fear that it encourages the sin of sodomy, and because she thinks that the reputations of both the actors and the characters have been ruined by it. It was the advent of the AIDS epidemic that convinced her that K/S was not only morally wrong, but destructive. She writes, "I realized that the only K/S situation I had not yet illustrated was one in which Kirk and Spock die from having infected each other with the virus. I was overwhelmed with guilt and dropped out of TREK permanently."

Although Pat has survived cancer, she is now confined to a wheelchair. Yet she continues her art activity in the form of designs for paper dolls.[2] Her designs have appeared in various doll and paper doll publications. Pat also prays. She pays for God's forgiveness and she prays for God's love - not only for herself, but for all of us, too.


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  2. ^ These paper dolls were not fannish.