When Affections and Time Collide

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Title: When Affections and Time Collide
Author(s): heintz571
Date(s): May 24 - August 22, 2015
Length: 54,148 words (14 chapters)
Genre: Rated T
Love Triangle
Same-actor crossover with The Musketeers (2014 TV Series)
Fandom: Doctor Who
External Links: When Affections and Time Collide (FFN)

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When Affections and Time Collide is a Doctor/Clara and Cardinal Richelieu/Clara fic by heintz571.


Cardinal Richelieu finds himself in modern day London and in the presences of Clara Oswald and later the Doctor. Can they figure out who brought the Cardinal out of his timeline before history changes permanently altering the history of France and possible all of Europe?

Author's Notes

This is a prompt found on Tumblr by marieannelouis thank you for allow me to use your suggestion.

Comments & Reactions

As of January 29, 2016, the fic had 42 reviews, 16 faves, and 26 following on FFN.

"I actually just found this one this week, but I’ve always had a thing for the bad boy that is Cardinal Richelieu–even before I saw PCap play him. And oh, does Richelieu bring out the possessiveness in Twelve. This is a slow burn that involves courtship, wooing, and some Gaelic thrown in for good measure, and it’s a fun one so far."[1]


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