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Name: We-Fancy-Femslash, abbreviated as WFF
Date(s): June 27, 2011 -
Moderator: ZenarrausJ7
Founder: ZenarrausJ7 and twinkletoes40
Type: DeviantArt group
Fandom: Multifandom femslash fanworks
URL: deviantart.com/we-fancy-femslash
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We-Fancy-Femslash is a multifandom femslash group on DeviantArt. With over 1300 watchers and over 800 members, the group is one of the most popular f/f groups on the site. Initally, the group categorized fanworks by pairing, but as the group gained popularity, submission folders were only categorized by fandom.[1]

The group's about section reads:

"This group is mainly dedicated to fandoms that I myself and many of my friends enjoy. It was originally only created for a few pairings but over time it's grown to accommodate more... I intend for this to be a pretty diverse group."[2]


Fanwork creators choose which folders to submit to in DeviantArt groups. These folders are created by the moderators. We-Fancy-Femslash offers a variety of folders by fandom, as listed below.


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