Walk Home By Starlight

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Title: Walk Home By Starlight
Fandom: Star Wars
Date/s: 2018
Type: manga
Size: A5 92 pages (body/88 pages)
Language: Japanese
External Links: Tumblr
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Walk Home By Starlight is a Jyn Erso/Cassian Andor doujinshi anthology in the Star Wars fandom. It features work by 10 creators.


Walk home by starlight: This is an anthology, i.e. a series of different short story comics by various artists in Japan. This means you’ll get a bunch of mini comics shoved into one book, which is why it costs 1,000 JPY compared to the second comic. Based on the preview provided by the OP, it appears as though many (if not all of these short stories) are relatively lighthearted and take place in an “Everyone Lives/Nobody Dies AU”.[1]
I also skimmed through “Walk home by starlight” and…just…okay, there are A LOT of mini stories in here with quite a few tropes: pre-film first meetings, hand-holding, bed-sharing, K2 the Professional Cockblocker™, Spacedads doting over these two idiots, fluff, fluff, fluff, pre-relationship, and even a crackfic!mini Cassian story in which Jyn approaches a shrunken Cassian and doesn’t realize the boy he’s talking to is actually Cassiab. PLUS you get a lot of bonus fanart wedged in between the stories, like The Shield Gate Arm Touch, The Elevator Scene That Launched A Thousand Fics, and That One Scene at the End That No One Likes to Talk About.[2]


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