Set Me Free

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Title: Set Me Free
Doujinka: ame88119
Fandom: Star Wars
Date/s: 2018
Type: manga
Size: B5 24 pages (body/20 pages)
Language: Japanese
External Links: Tumblr
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Set Me Free is a Jyn Erso/Cassian Andor doujinshi by ame88119 in the Star Wars fandom.


Set me free: Created solely by @ame88119 alone (and costs 400 JPY), this is a much more serious story of her own creation. Based on the preview images she provided, it takes place as Cassian and Jyn are en route to look for Saw on Jedha. Jyn wants to know what the Alliance has planned for her once she actually does her end of the deal of bringing Cassian to the Partisans; the conversation gets dark, so expect angst.[1]
I skimmed through @ame88119’s “set me free” doujinshi first and LET ME FUCKING TELL YOU: this is basically a mid-film fix-it fic that revolves around Jyn asking Cassian, “What happens to me after all this?” and “If you were ordered to kill me, would you?” Cassian has a bit of UST-type feels, drama and angst abound, honestly this is fucking amazing.[2]


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