WOW Women of Wrestling

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Name: WOW Women of Wrestling
Abbreviation(s): WOW
Creator: David McLane
Date(s): 2000-2001; 2013-
Medium: Professional Wrestling
Country of Origin: USA
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WOW (Women of Wrestling) is, as its name suggests, an all-women's Professional Wrestling promotion. It was created by David McLane, who had previously created GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) in the 1980s. It debuted on syndicated television in October 2000 and closed after its only PPV, WOW Unleashed, on February 4, 2001. It returned in 2013.

Fannish Subject Matter

The promotion's original run included the following gimmicks:

The promotion bills its roster as "WOW Superheroes."

The 2013 return saw a few appearances by Tatevik The Gamer.


During the promotion's original run, it had a very dedicated base who ran fansites and frequented the message boards on Ezboard. One board had its own section for Fanfiction, which was very active following the promotion's demise. The official website also had a message board, allowing for the fans to interact with the wrestlers.

There were nicknames for individual wrestlers' fans, though not one for the fandom as a whole.

  • "Rioters" for "The Heavy Metal Maniac" Riot
  • "Danger's Dawg Pack" for Danger
  • "Hunters" for Jungle Grrrl

The online fans at times could be very cynical, preferring the Heels to the Faces. Terri Gold was the inaugural WOW Champion and was promoted by the company as heroic, but there were fans who hated her, calling her "Terri Hogan". This attitude was arguably justified, since, with the exceptions of "The Real Deal" Selina Majors,[note 1] Beckie the Farmer's Daughter and "The Total Athlete" Roxy Powers, the Heels were often better wrestlers than the Faces.[note 2][note 3] That said, Paradise (billed from Tonga), Boom Boom The Volcano (Hawaiian) and "The Latina Super Woman" Caliente were good.

Race and Fandom

During the promotion's original run, The Disciplinarian, a Heel wrestling teacher, was portrayed by Caucasian actress Kristen Davidson. The current version, while still a Heel, is portrayed by the African-American wrestler Ivory Robyn. The definitive Jobber team were The Asian Invasion, Lotus and Jade.[note 4] The initial WOW Tag Team Champions Caged Heat were a Latina (Loca) and an African-American (Delta Lotta Pain). Despite the implications of their gimmick, they were very popular. [note 5] The feud between "The Total Athlete" Roxy Powers and Slam Dunk, both African-American, was viewed as one of the best wrestlers in WOW vs. the worst wrestler in WOW.

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  1. ^ She was Bambi in GLOW. She and Thug (Peggy Lee Leather) were the two experienced women and were involved in training the roster.
  2. ^ Lana Star (actress Lana Kinnear), whose gimmick was of a delusional Hollywood wannabe who thought she was the star of the show, and Slam Dunk, an African-American wrestler with a gimmick of a basketball player who had supposedly been kicked out of the WNBA for being too rough, were notable exceptions to this rule. Lana was a great talker and would have made for an effective manager.
  3. ^ Wrestling auto mechanic Wendi Wheels prematurely ended Phantom's career by breaking Phantom's jaw with her Blowout finisher.
  4. ^ (See above paragraph about the Heels often being better wrestlers than the Faces.)
  5. ^ The fact that their theme song, the only one with lyrics, was really catchy, and that they were great in the ring for rookies, helped a lot.