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Name: Written in the Heavens Subbing Squad (WithS2)
Founder: ay_link, mily2
Dates: Jan 2006 – present
Medium: K-Drama, J-Drama, TW-Drama, C-Drama
Translating From: Korean, Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin
Translating To: English
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Written in the Heavens Subbing Squad (WITHS2) is a fansubbing group, which fansubs Asian dramas with a particular focus on K-Dramas. It was founded in January of 2006 with the release of fansubs for the K-drama Goong.[1] They are one of the largest fansubbing group with over 100 active members at any given time.[2]

Role in the Drama Fandom

WITHS2 played an influential role in bringing fast high quality subs within the small but growing K-Drama community just as K-Dramas started becoming more popular with non-Korean speaking fans. The broad scope of genres subbed, the high quality of the subs as well as subbing multiple dramas at the same time has made WITHS2 very popular among the overseas non-Korean speaking fans.

They were one of the earliest groups to switch from hardsubs to softsubs only, in order to comply with infringement issues. Since the beginning, the group has specified that their subs are not to be uploaded to streaming websites nor sold for profit.[3] The violation of these rules have lead to much debate, delays, and limits on access to softsubs in the past.

Notable Projects


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  • The Devil
  • Time Between Dog and Wolf


  • Conspiracy in the Court
  • Joseon X-Files
  • The Princess's Man
  • Queen Seonduk
  • Shin Don
  • Bridal Mask

Notable Members

Reviews and Reaction


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