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Name/s: willowcabins, Elisabeth
Fandom/s: Person of Interest, the 100, Orphan Black
You can find me at: my tumbr
my ao3 account
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My name is Elisabeth and I am mainly interested in science fiction and femslash fandoms. This is kind of my to do list rn.

Fannish History

Although I have always enjoyed a large variety of science fiction tv and literature, I did not start interacting on online communities as a fan until late 2010, when i joined tumblr. Since then I have been in several different fandoms, though my interests are usually science fiction and tv shows with strong leading ladies (that pass the Bechtel test). I also write and read a lot of fic, though this is exclusively femslash.

On Fanlore

RIGHT NOW: PoI: Root, Sameen Shaw, Root/Shaw, Shaw/Martine

The 100: Clarke/Lexa, Lexa, Raven Reyes, Abbie Griffin, Octavia Blake, All the FEMSLASH

OB: Sarah Manning, Helena, Rachel Duncan

Misc: n/a