Sameen Shaw

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Name: Sameen Shaw
Occupation: ex-ISA Agent
Title/Rank: Agent
Location: New York
Status: alive
Relationships: Root
Fandom: Person of Interest
Other: Portrayed by Sarah Shahi
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Sameen Shaw, nicknamed Sam Shaw, is a character in Person of Interest, and is the series' distaff counterpart for John Reese.


Sameen Shaw is introduced as an ISA Agent in Relevance, until the organisation betrays her and kills her best friend, Michael Cole. The ISA believes she has some knowledge of the Northern Lights program. Helped by Team Machine, Shaw fakes her own death and begins to start helping them, first to track down her would-be torturer Root, and then later to dismantle the antagonist organization Samaritan.

Sameen Shaw first appeared in 2.16. She was a reoccurring character in Season 2 and began a core member of the team throughout Season 3 and 4. Captured by Samaritan halfway though Season 4, she reappears to the audience in 5.04.



Going by AO3, the most common pairing for Sameen Shaw is Root/Shaw, although she is also shipped with Joss Carter

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