John Reese

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Name: John Reese
Occupation: Vigilante who helps people
Relationships: Harold Finch (canon: friend, boss; fanon: Finch/Reese)

Jessica Arndt (canon: deceased, former fiancee, John/Jessica)
Joss Carter (canon: friend; fanon: Reese/Carter)

Zoe Morgan (canon: friend, possibly/implied romantically involved; fanon: John/Zoe
Fandom: Person of Interest
Other: former Special Forces, former CIA wetwork operative
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John Reese is a Person of Interest character.

Canon Overview

John Reese was in the US Army Special Forces until the September 11 terrorist attacks on the US, after which he became a CIA field operative, including doing "wetwork" (assassinations). The CIA betrayed and tried to kill him; he let them think they'd succeeded and went off the grid, using aliases to avoid detection. Between the CIA betrayal and the loss of the woman he loved, Jessica Arndt, John lost interest in almost everything and crawled into a bottle, living nearly as a homeless person.

Harold Finch found him and offered him a job, promising him the opportunity to "get there in time" to prevent tragedies like Jessica's death. Reese agreed and has been working with Finch ever since to help people. Detective Joss Carter of the NYPD quickly noticed a pattern of violence and death surrounding the mystery "man in a suit" and began officially investigating him, which brought him to the attention of his former CIA handler, Mark Snow, who also began looking for him. The FBI also picked up on the investigation, leaving Reese with three separate law enforcement agencies after him. The pressure eased up a bit after Carter stopped chasing him and started helping him, and protecting him where possible from other law enforcement.

His favorite method of taking out an opponent is to shoot them in the kneecap.

Fandom Reactions

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Much of the fandom is convinced that John and Zoe Morgan have a sexual relationship, although this has only been implied on screen.



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