Joss Carter

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Name: Joss Carter
Occupation: Law Enforcement
Title/Rank: Detective
Location: New York City, NY
Status: Dead
Relationships: Taylor (son)

Lionel Fusco (partner)
John Reese (canon: friend; fanon: Reese/Carter)

Cal Beecher (romantically involved, status uncertain)
Fandom: Person of Interest
Other: former Army Intelligence and interrogator
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Canon Overview

Joss Carter served in the military for several years in Afghanistan and Iraq, and became a cop when she left the Army. She's a detective on the Homicide Task Force, partnered with Lionel Fusco. She was the first one to spot the pattern John Reese was making as he kneecapped his way through the city, and began investigating "the man in a suit", triggering investigations at the CIA and FBI as well. When she discovered the true nature of John and Harold Finch's work, she chose to begin helping them, and did her best to protect them from other ongoing investigations.

She's well-respected among her peers and was being considered for a move to the FBI thanks to her work with them.

She has a teenage son, Taylor.

Fandom Reactions

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The fandom at large took strongly to Carter and her kickass ways.

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