Lionel Fusco

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Name: Lionel Fusco
Occupation: Law Enforcement
Title/Rank: Detective
Location: New York City, NY
Status: alive
Relationships: Lee (son)
Joss Carter (partner)
Fandom: Person of Interest
Other: formerly on the take
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Canon Overview

Lionel Fusco joined forces with Harold Finch and John Reese under duress. Fusco worked for "HR", a corrupt organization within the police force, and was supposed to kill Reese and dispose of the body. Reese turned the tables on him and killed another HR cop using Fusco's gun, gaining all the leverage he needed to control Fusco. Fusco has learned to like being one of the good guys and works willingly with them now.

Fusco is partnered with Detective Joss Carter, originally to keep an eye on her while she investigated Reese. With Fusco's background, he's more likely to get used for the more underhanded things.

He has a young son, Lee, who doesn't know about his father's crooked past. Threats to Lee work against him.

Fandom Reactions

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